Author's Notes:
Companion Piece to : Lost Letters by rickmaniac101 ~

"Donna... what-"

Her finger snaps up behind her trying to shut him up. "Shut. It." It's a key phrase that she knows doesn't exactly really ever work, but she's at least, at the very least, going to try it for the twentieth time since they'd landed there. She can almost hear the roll of his eyes and the way his hands shove into his pockets. It doesn't really matter to her as she spins the small rack of cards around once more.

Turning around to face him her gaze narrows at him, as if sizing him up, but really she knows exactly the size he is and it's not really her thing. No sizing needed she figures but he's still standing there, expectantly, annoyingly, and just there in general.

"Oi, can't a girl shop in peace? Mean what there's not a whole Googleplex of shops 'round here? Can't find one little shop to poke your head into while I look at something on my own?" The way she says own hints at possessiveness, but edges more towards an elongated 'o' sound and a rather sharp snap of her jaw closed.

"Well... there was that one little shop, had one of those-"

"Don't care whatever it is, just go!" Her hands are now nearly pressing to his shoulder to turn him around and then to his back to forcibly remove him from the store and into the bustling madhouse that was the shopping complex of Outer Wisternia Liynne. She tried to crack a joke about the name of the place, but it was lost on the Doctor until she mentioned Teri Hatcher. Then he'd gone into this whole thing about some Adventures of Superman and Clois show. Really it was a wonder he ever had any room for the really important stuff anyway.

Like his birthday.

She figured he knew it. Thick headed and so full of himself that really he had to know when it was supposed to be. Clearly she knew he had to know it because he was always going on and on about being nine-hundred and four. No one gets to be that exact age without noticing another years gone by... especially with the way they skip around time.

He knew. Oh she knew he knew.

Didn't matter though, she was going to give him a new one. Not even a new one really just a second one, sort of a Birthday of the day Donna gave him a birthday, cause that's what'd it really be. Some new day to get a cake... maybe a cupcake? Whichever.

With the Doctor safely out of her way she brushed her hand through her hair flipping it back over her shoulder shooting the five-eyed clerk a look with a roll of her own eyes, "Men. The clerk just blinked all her eyes and went back to whatever it was she'd been doing. Donna returned to the rack of postcards turning it around trying find one that didn't have some weird writing on it. She thought to ask what it meant, but really figured they'd never have one that said 'Happy Brand New Fake Birthday' on it, so instead she was looking for an image.

Then she saw it and it was bloody brilliant. Horribly garishly pink with cartoon animals on it and a ridiculous sentiment that actually fit them perfectly. She'd seen it on Sanheim as well when the notion had first come up about his birthday. She should've just picked it up then, but he was always hanging about looking over her shoulder at everything she picked up like she'd drop it and cause a war.

One time she dropped an idol and now she wasn't allowed to shop alone.

Donna spun the rack around again just in case there was something better, but really those odd symbols weren't going to sell her on them today, oh no. Picking out a blue envelope as if the Doctor himself had a baby boy or some notion she headed to the clerk. "Take this one, right? Do you got a pen?"

The woman blinked all but one of her eyes, and Donna might've not even noticed but she had actually been only trying to meet two of them and it was bit mad to see one close and not the other. Like she was winking at Donna, which was even more mad.

Grabbing the pen Donna jotted down the letter inside.

Right, then, Space Man. Ruin my fun. Whenever you get this card, it's your birthday, all right? You got to admit this is cute as all bloody hell and you don't have enough cute things in the TARDIS. Happy whenever your birthday is.


PS - Even at your age you've got to let the world surprise you now and -

Donna stopped writing. She knew what she wanted to say, but she also knew it was a bit sentimental, and a bit too forward... even for her. Asking about the others was few and far between, but Donna could see it in his eyes every once in a while. Things maybe she'd done or said that sparked some pain of a memory. It made it difficult to travel with him, all those memories locked up inside of him.

Rather than force him to make a show of not being all that sentimental Donna set the pen down, "I'm just gonna go get a new one. I'll pay for both. Just... I need to change something."

Donna went back to the rack to see that she'd picked the last one of that card out. Now it had that beginning of something there forever. Stained almost to the one thing she figured she'd actually have over him. All that time and space and she'd have gotten him good. Now though it had this... start of something she didn't want to finish.

Shaking her head she took the pen back in hand and made an effort to scribble it out as neatly as she could. It wasn't perfect but it was at least close enough to something. Besides it was just for a laugh, and if he wanted to know, she'd just tell him. Better to tell him then have him needling her for the truth for the next few days after he'd picked it up.

Paying for the card she addressed it and asked if she could have it posted for her. The clerk nodded and slipped it into a hard plastic box along with other bits of mail to be sent out.

"Anything good?"

Donna startled, pressing her hand to her chest for a moment before smacking the Doctor hard on his arm, "Bloody hell! Give a girl an attack of sorts sneaking up like that! I should put a bell on you!"

"You know funny story about that, cause there was this one time on Javragaduune. Did you know they thought I was a pet! Stepped out of the TARDIS had a collar put on me straightaway."

"Yeah bet they were glad you were at least housebroken," Donna joked as she linked her arm into the crook of his, "Come on I'm not gonna have you talkin' my ear off in the shops. I came here to shop not listen to you talk shop."