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Author's Notes:
Written for the kinkmeme on lj.

Toshiko Sato hadn’t believed him when he had bragged about things he’d done in Japan. So to prove his point, the Doctor took her to her ancestral homeland’s past. The Kamakura period found her watching from a shelter on typhoon battered shores, as an invading Mongol fleet met its death. He had suggested that Kublai Khan just requisition river boats to get his army to Japan’s shores, he told her with a waggle of his eyebrows. She watched Samurai doing what they were famous for and taking no prisoners. The few survivors from the capsized boats were only able to thank their gods briefly for allowing them to make it to shore before they met their death by katana blade.

The typhoon, which later would become known as kamikaze, finally petered out and the Doctor suggested that they find somewhere to warm up and unwind. Toshiko suggested Shinano province and he found himself grinning like a loon. “The shogun owes me a favour,” he told her and she smirked. This she had to see. It turned out that the shogun had owed the Doctor his life. Toshiko was beginning to like this trip more and more, especially when the shogun allowed them to use his private onsen as their quarters for their visit.

Toshiko had thanked the servants for the meal they’d brought, before shooing them away. She had always wanted an onsen to herself and now she had the chance. Well, almost. The Doctor had slipped away to enjoy the spring outside and Toshiko smiled. She was fairly certain the shogun entertained his wives, concubines, and other assorted lovers here. She smirked. She always had had a dirty mind when it came to some of her cultural traditions; time to see if what Jack had told her once was true.

She replaced the obi on her yukata with the simple belt more suitable for onsen wear. She arranged the yukata so that it was more revealing. Time to play out that little fantasy of hers, she thought as she picked up the tray with their dinner. The Doctor heard her coming out to the spring and smiled. She was a master at walking stealthily in geta, but his hearing far surpassed humans'.

The Doctor caught the sight of her kneeling beside him, then leaned back and closed his eyes again. He purred when she started massaging his shoulders. Cracking an eye open, he glanced over his shoulder. “That tends to be a soft spot...”

“So I’ve been told,” Toshiko replied. The Doctor just laughed and let her continue. “Open,” she commanded. He cracked an eye open again and found food being held in front of him. He gladly took the morsel from her and she reached for more from the tray. Holding her chopsticks up again, she waited until he’d taken the second bite, before setting them aside. The Doctor was about to grab the chopsticks and feed himself, but her fingers tracing along his neck made him pause.

“Unless you want a lapful of amorous Time Lord...”

“Oh, shut up and let me indulge,” Toshiko interrupted with a chuckle.

“On one condition,” the Doctor purred. Toshiko paused and waited for his terms. “I get to return the favour,” he smirked, waggling his eyebrows.

Toshiko leaned forward, her fingers tracing along his sideburns. “Works for me.”

“Nine hundred year old alien? Quite possibly the original ‘dirty old man’?” he suggested. “I’d think ab...”

She cut him off again as she leaned down next to his ear. “You should see the stash I have at home, that I get off on,” she purred. “There is a lot of tentacle hentai in there...among other things.”

“Oh, you beautiful depraved soul!” the Doctor praised. ”So this would be which fantasy then?”

“Medieval Japanese courtesan sent by the lord and master to please the foreign dignitary. One of my more sedate ones,” Toshiko answered as she continued her ministrations on his neck. The Doctor sat up and turned to face her with a smirk.

“Seeing as I have actually been on the receiving end of that one in reality...” he began. “Let’s see how good your imagination is.”

“Ninmu ryuokai,” Toshiko replied, waggling her eyebrows at him.

He chuckled as he returned to leaning against the edge of the pool. “How did you know this was called Shinano province, by the way? Hasn’t been called that in a while.”

“The ancestors are from around here. The place is crawling with the Mori and Sato clans. Has been for over a millennia.” The Doctor made an approving noise. “Mum and Dad are both from Nagano...which should be just a tiny village in this era.” Toshiko began working along his spine as she continued talking. “I also have an onsen fetish. It’s in my blood.” He could hear the smirk in her voice.

The Doctor was about to reply but she had started running her thumbs along the bones in his neck and he lost it. “Bloody hell, woman.” He bolted up and turned on her. She didn’t flinch back when he leaned forward, holding his face just centimetres from hers. “What all did Jack tell you?”

“’Read the file’. I did and memorised it.” Toshiko tilted her shoulder forward, letting her yukata fall forward a bit, giving the Doctor a glimpse of bare skin.

He leaned forward and traced his tongue along her collar bone. “You did, eh?”

“Eidetic memory,” she whispered into his ear, and he groaned. To prove her point, she ran a finger along the curve of his hip bone. “I know all your weak least, as Jack has them down.” She chuckled. The Doctor put his hands on her waist and tugged at her to join him in the water. “Ah, ah! That’s a no-no,” she reprimanded.

“Oh, who’s going to know?” he whined and Toshiko shot him a look.

He folded his arms across his chest and pouted as Toshiko rose to her feet and walked to the garden’s edge, where there was as bubbling spring. She demurely slid the yukata from her shoulders and rinsed off in the cool spring water. The pout faded and the Doctor’s eyebrows rose up into his hairline as he watched. That would explain that print he’d seen once in a museum with his signature on it. So Toshiko Sato was the reason he would try his hand at ukiyo-e.

Slipping her yukata back on, she returned to the hot spring and knelt in front of the Doctor.

“What’s that look for?” she asked with a teasing smile.

“We’re going to have to make a stop in the Edo period.” he replied, his hands ghosting along her sides. “Paradox if we don’t,” he added. “Definitely a paradox.” As he spoke, he slipped the yukata from Toshiko’s shoulders. “Now...where were we?”

Toshiko laughed as he helped her into the hot spring. She allowed him to pull her across to an underwater bench on the other side. She swam around to get behind him so she could continue the massage she had started earlier. After a while she leaned back and gently pulled the Doctor back to rest his head on her chest. She used her foot to trace along the inside of his thigh and he groaned in appreciation. Toshiko traced his pectoral muscles with her fingers, meeting at his sternum and dragging them up towards his throat.

“You’d have made a brilliant courtesan,” the Doctor complimented as he turned in her arms to face her. Toshiko thanked him as he lifted her onto the edge of the spring and leaned over her. “Definitely would have made a brilliant courtesan...” he said as he began leaving a trail of kisses along her throat and jaw.

Toshiko gasped as he began trailing his tongue across her breasts. Her hands searched for his hair and she dug her fingers into the wild mess as the Doctor lavished affection on first her left breast, then her right. She remembered something in the fog of pleasure about him having a very sensitive scalp, and began gently scratching and massaging it. He growled in response and reached for her knees, pushing them apart and up.

Toshiko’s nails sank into his scalp as he slammed into her. The Doctor hissed through clenched teeth, partially in pleasure, partially in pain from her nails. Toshiko pulled his head towards her so she could devour his mouth with hers. Their tongues waged war as they thrust against each other. It didn’t take long before they were both climaxing. Toshiko before the Doctor, barely. Coming off their high, he rested his forehead against hers.

“Bloody hell. I hadn’t even started warming you up yet.” He chuckled, still gently rocking against her. She laughed.

“Nothing wrong with dessert before dinner,” she said and he grinned.

“This is true,” he murmured. Toshiko groaned when he pulled out of her. She groaned a second time when he went back to his earlier ministrations on her chest. “No distractions,” he told her as he took her hands from his hair and held them down. She mewled and protested, but obliged him.

Satisfied that she would keep her hands to herself, the Doctor began lavishing little kisses along her belly. Toshiko reached for him twice, both times pulling back as she recalled his command. She finally settled on occupying her hands by fondling her breasts. The Doctor glanced up and groaned appreciatively against her stomach at the sight. Her hands slapped down beside her when she felt him slip a finger into her and slowly fuck her with it.

The Doctor used his other hand to hold her open and began nibbling and kissing her clit. A litany of curses in Japanese flowed from her as he brought her to orgasm two more times. After the second one, she propped herself up and watched in fascination as he cleaned the fluids from her with his tongue. He was bringing her to another climax when he abruptly stopped and shifted position.

“That is so not bloody fair!” she protested. The Doctor ignored her protests and got comfortable in the spring.

“Plan on sitting there and complaining or are you going to join me?” he teased.

Toshiko cuffed him playfully on the head and slid into the water with him. She yelped when he grabbed her and pulled her into his lap. Holding her back to his chest, he shifted her slightly so he could reach with his free hand for her arse. Her head fell back against him as he gently used his fingers to stretch her. She groped around with her hands before finding his cock and slowly stroked him into hardness again.

They shifted again and Toshiko started panting as he slid into her arse. She used her hands to hold her buttocks apart as he begun fucking her in earnest. The Doctor used his free hand to reach for her pussy and hold her open. It took everything she had to keep from screaming as a fourth orgasm ripped through her. Exhausted she leaned against the Doctor as he quickened his pace. His head fell forward onto her shoulder and he held still as he finally climaxed and came inside her. They both rested before leaving the spring and stumbling to their quarters for the night. Toshiko was asleep as soon as she lay down, the Doctor following her into oblivion soon after.