..And Still He Wonders....

by Tardismate [Reviews - 9]

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Author's Notes:
Second in the ...And Still... series

Disclaimer: All belongs to Auntie Beeb and RTD, worse luck!

Another bit to the story, this time from TimeLord!Doctor's POV, after he has taken Donna home and is back in the Tardis, alone again.

He leans on the console of his beautiful ship - his one constant companion throughout his long, long, lives - and thinks about him, his other self, the one he left behind with the woman he loved (loves, he corrects himself in his mind - still loves, will always love).

His eyes burn as he replays the last ever time he would see her - watching as she pulls the other him into a kiss, ( it should have been me, he thinks, his gut wrenching in a way he has never felt before) knowing that her choice has been made, even though it was not really a choice, nor was it hers to make. He could have told her, should have told her - but now it's too late, he knows. She deserved that much, never has a companion held his hearts the way she had (has, and always will)....Forever; she had promised him forever, and now he had given that to her with his human self able to live a life with her.

But oh, it hurts... He hopes she is happy, he wants her to be happy, the way he never could be(was not allowed to be - he didn't deserve to be) and he sighs brokenly as he slowly eases the Tardis into the timestream, taking him away from her forever, moving onwards, ever onwards and alone again.

The burning in his eyes spills out onto his cheeks, and he feels the dampness there from a distance, denying their existence at all, as he feels both his hearts splinter at the realisation that he himself is actually more broken than the man he left on that beach - and he probably always will be.... and that she is HIS Rose no longer.