Between Man and God

by Scilera [Reviews - 7]

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  • Teen
  • Swearing
  • Angst, Het, Introspection

1. Rose [Reviews - 5] (801 words)

2. (In)Sanity [Reviews - 2] (1966 words)
This is a hard chapter to swallow. A bit dark and some suggestion of insanity. I won't promise this'll be the only one, cause it probably won't be. But I will promise things'll get better.

3. Hell is but a State of Mind [Reviews - 0] (3249 words)
Well, this has taken a while. I apologize to you all, but life's...thrown me a couple of curveballs. I recently had a break and went back into Doctor Who mode and this...well, this is the result. It's not happy, it's not pretty and it's not meant to be written well. It's raw and disjointed and it will probably throw you for a loop. Fair warning.

4. Designation Theta-Sigma [Reviews - 0] (3176 words)
See? I promised the sad angst would get better, didn't I? I am good on my word! XD Here's the next bit, loves. Hopefully it'll tie together a few loose ends for you and help you all understand this little drama I've created just a bit better. I swear, sometimes I think these twists are worse than those soaps on the telly, but I enjoy them, so I hope you do as well!

5. Lessons To Be Learned [Reviews - 0] (1611 words)
This is about a third of the length of the previous two chapters, but I felt like writing a snippet of fluff for this 'verse, so I did. ;)

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