Preventative Measures

by wmr [Reviews - 20]

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1. I Want You Safe [Reviews - 11] (4095 words)
With thanks to Kaethel and Gillian Taylor. Note, for those who've seen 4.12, that this story was begun before it was shown.

2. I Bring Life [Reviews - 6] (4330 words)
Massive apologies for the delay between chapters on this story. The S4 finale got in the way of my creative impulses and I just couldn't get the momentum back on this story. There will be just one more chapter and I hope it'll get written a lot quicker.

Thanks to Gillian Taylor for all the reassurance, and this chapter is for Ninamusing.

3. I Think You Need a Doctor [Reviews - 3] (6338 words)
Final chapter and epilogue at last! Sorry for the delays with this story, and as always many thanks to Gillian Taylor for BRing.