Being Educational

by Amy Wolf [Reviews - 13]

  • Teen
  • None
  • Humor, Mixed

"So we're all to share the one bed then, Doctor?"

"I'm afraid so, Jamie. The Kurai seem to have mistaken us for a...well, a family unit might be the best way to describe it. See, they mate in sets of three people, not two, and their species isn't exactly divided into male and female, so..."

"We can nae sleep like this, Doctor! What about Zoe? She's a lass, and no kin to us. She'd be dishonored!"

"Oh, I don't mind, really. I used to do this all of the time back in school. We'd have an intensive late-night study session, and then pile into the nearest bed and sleep. All sorts of arrangements: men, women, aliens. I'd be happy to sleep with you two!"

"See, Jamie, nothing to worry about. No harm will come to Zoe's reputation, and if we all just snuggle up and go right to sleep, everything should be fine.



"Yes, Jamie?"

"What might you be doing with my kilt, now?"

"Oh, um, there's this story in my time about Scotsmen, and what they wear underneath, and I though I might take the opportunity to educate myself."

"Aye, well, as long as it's educational."


"Is that a recorder in your pocket, Doctor, or are you just happy to see me?"

"It is a recorder, actually, Zoe. Very observant. Would you like me to play you a tune?"

"Ach, lassie, what have you done?"



"Yes, Jamie?"

"As long as we're being educational, would you mind teaching me a few things about that silvery costume that you be wearing, then?"

"Jamie McCrimmon, I thought you'd never ask."


"Now I'm afraid that isn't my recorder, Zoe. Jamie threw it out the window."

"I know, Doctor."

"Oh. Good. I wouldn't want there to be any sort of misunder...Jamie, is that a recorder you're poking into my back? I thought you threw it out the window!"

"Ay, you're a daft one, Doctor, no mistake."


"Oh, Oh, Oh!"


"Oh, my extremely giddy aunt!"