Hellmouth High Schools Don't Have Reunions

by Morag MacPherson [Reviews - 36]

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1. That Can't Be Right [Reviews - 4] (269 words)
A/N: Response to a challenge from Winterd: What if School Reunion took place at Sunnydale High? Thus, time-line wise, this is an alternate for "School Reunion" in season two of Doctor Who, in the Buffy-verse it's after Homecoming but before Band Candy. All these characters are the property of Fox and Joss and the BBC and Mr. Davies. I just like to play.

2. Mounting Problems [Reviews - 0] (482 words)
“Physics with the new guy.” Willow smiled, but it quickly faded. “Stupid cute demon people-eating teachers.”

3. Went to School and I Was Very Nervous [Reviews - 5] (1058 words)
“I dunno. I didn’t try to eat you, but that’s hardly proof of anything. How do you know?”

4. The Visions That I See Believe in Me [Reviews - 2] (1155 words)
“So demons no, aliens yes, and yes on werewolves?” Buffy counted them off on her fingers. “Now I’m confused.”

5. I Can Tell That We Are Gonna Be Friends [Reviews - 1] (426 words)
“I’m a comic book geek who lives on a Hellmouth, it’s all part of the job and that is totally not how I wanted to introduce myself to you.”

6. When Worlds Collide [Reviews - 0] (1298 words)
The Doctor scowled. “It always comes back to the eating people with you lot, why is that?”

7. The Universe is Shaped Exactly Like the Earth [Reviews - 0] (652 words)
But still, I assume you have seen our lunch ladies? I would have sworn that they hand out the jowls with the uniform.

8. Ever Wake Up With Bullfrogs on Your Mind? [Reviews - 0] (459 words)
“Didn’t quite make it there yet,” admitted Buffy. “Well, we made it there, but not in.”
Rose crossed her arms. “Why?”
“There was a dispute,” allowed the Doctor.

9. Ugly or Pretty, It's Still My City [Reviews - 1] (650 words)
“All right. That was creepy. Bat people in school and no one’s running or screaming. This is new.”

10. One is the Loneliest Number [Reviews - 4] (1250 words)
The Doctor chuckled. “Oh, yeah, whoops, I shifted us outside, figured we’d be safer outside of the school.”
“And you thought Shady Oaks cemetery sounded safer?”
The Doctor paused, then swallowed. “Um, yes, well, possibly.”

11. Her Man's Been Gone [Reviews - 0] (618 words)
“I like an English accent, like, y’know, James Bond or something.”
Xander turned back to her, “Well, y’know wee lassie-“
Cordelia put a finger on his lips. “Don’t.”

12. A Madman With a Nervous Twitch [Reviews - 0] (686 words)
"The Slayers that the so-called Wise Men of this race created as their first defense against evil are like nothing so much as a cudgel with a nail stuck through it."

13. I Never Knew That It Could Be So Strange [Reviews - 0] (1295 words)
“You’ll have to take that up with the Doctor. He’s a little attached to it. I was stunned he gave it up to me.” Rose's cheeks reddened. “The sonic-screwdriver that is.”

14. School Days Insane [Reviews - 0] (1065 words)
Cordelia smiled broadly. “Good luck with all this. We won’t mention the bondage if you won’t.”

15. The Nature of My Game [Reviews - 4] (1045 words)
“Their breath is really bad,” mentioned Buffy. “Like bowels and Brut. I think they’ve been eating people.”

16. Code Monkey Like You [Reviews - 0] (440 words)
Willow splashed the water onto the transformer, and there was a loud pop, a crackle of electricity, and a lot of smoke as all of the lights and computers winked off. “Ooh, cool.”

17. Out the Back Door [Reviews - 2] (451 words)
“You also shouldn’t let your school fall under the control of a group of bat monsters, but do this one thing for me, and no one will ever need to know.”

18. Chelsea Dagger [Reviews - 2] (807 words)
“Slaying isn’t all about the high drama, y’know. Sometimes it’s about good old-fashioned ass kicking. Hand me that cleaver.”

19. The Wise Cracks Won't Make You More Stable [Reviews - 1] (816 words)
“Nice chap. Wonder why the Krillitanes didn’t just eat him?”
Rose snorted. “They were merciless, obviously.”

20. What Comes is Better Than What Came Before [Reviews - 10] (1393 words)
“But that would make you over two hundred years old,” said Angel.
The Doctor pointed a finger. “And same to you. We're both looking pretty good for our ages.”