Wolf Pups

by Adalia Zandra [Reviews - 19]

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  • Action/Adventure, Angst, Character Study, Drama

1. On Her Own Again [Reviews - 6] (2024 words)
Huge thanks to WMR, Gillian Taylor, and nordesm, who all responded to my plea for beta readers who were not hampered by the distinct disadvantage of having my brain. Without them, this first part would have been a mess. :-)

And a short PSA/shameless plug before the fic: If you’d like to see my meta rambles and fic update notices other than those available here at Teaspoon, feel free to friend my fic journal at LJ.

2. Nesting Syndrome [Reviews - 3] (1774 words)
And here’s part two! I’ve seen the image of a baby TARDIS in a room of the adult TARDIS before, but I can’t remember whose fic it was in or exactly how they described it. So there is perhaps a small homage to that author here. (And if you’re curious, this guy, except a little bit older with slightly curlier hair, is pretty much what Nineteen looks like.)

3. My Kingdom For A Horse [Reviews - 10] (1270 words)
Part Three, in which Rose gets into trouble.