by ERNest [Reviews - 2]

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  • Hurt/Comfort, Missing Scene

Author's Notes:
The plot bunnies are driving me crazy. I really have no idea where this came from but I had to write it
I haven't said this on any of my other stories but I don't own Doctor Who.

Rose contemplated her toenails. Lavender. No - Teal! Maybe that strange color that was sometimes green, sometimes orange and had certainly never been seen on Earth.

When she had first come onto the TARDIS all of her nail polish had dissappeared. But ever since the ship finally understood what they were for, she had kept Rose's cabinet stocked with a nearly infinite supply of colors, many of which Rose had never seen before.

She thought about what the Doctor would like and decided to settle on brown and dark red pinstripes so she would match with his suit. She remembered his glowing smile on the latest planet they had visited but suddenly she got a startling image in her mind: Socrates in his cell waiting to be poisoned with infusion of hemlock

Something is Wrong

Before she knew it, she was on her feet. The TARDIS had spoken to her more often since they had looked into each other, and right now she seemed frantic about it.

Rose ran down the corridor, her heart beating furiously, not even minding the metal grating on her bare feet. The TARDIS arranged herself so Rose only had to run in a straight line because they both knew that the Doctor was in terrible danger.

She stopped at a door. It wasn't a very remarkable door, but she could not make herself turn the handle and walk in. She did not want to know what she would find on the other side.

Here. Save Him. Save Us

She opened the door tentatively. The Doctor, with his back to her, was slumped over a small metal table, a faintly steaming glass in his hands and his specs askew. He leaned back and raised the cup painfully slowly.

"Oh Doctor, don't," she whispered. She ran forward and the cup was almost at his lips and she smoothed his hair back and folded his glasses and kissed him on the forehead.

He stared up at her and his hand shook and his tumbler shattered. He turned around and looked at her, but was unable to focus on anything. "Rose," he croaked, "Rose, this is something I have to do."

"But why? Why do you have to take yourself away from me. And the TARDIS too. Did you even think about what would happen to us if you were gone?"

"I - I don't know. It was so simple before. No choice."

"Doctor, if there's one thing I learned from you, it's that there's always a choice. Now tell me what's going on!"

"I can't tell you what's going on. That's impossible." He paused, to look at the strong beautiful woman before him. "But it's also impossible that I will do that again. What was I thinking? How could I ever leave this behind - leave you behind?" He saw her become more confused and upset and without thinking took her wrists and pulled her into the curve of his body. "Oh, Rose," he breathed, "Forgive me. Please."

She stood silent for a moment, feeling safe in the double heartbeat that was so right, so Doctor. "Yes. Yes, of course I forgive you. Stay safe, my Doctor." She smiled to herself, but made a pledge to herself that she would not let the Doctor come this near to his death again