If I Remembered You

by infiniteviking [Reviews - 4]

  • All Ages
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  • Action/Adventure

If I Remembered You

Rose gazed around the alien planet. It was midnight, and the bells had just begun to ring.

She was brought out of her reverie by the unmistakable sound of dematerialization.

Rose spun round just in time to catch the last glimpse of the TARDIS fading out. Yelling in outrage and sudden panic, she ran towards the place where it had been, only to be brought up short by a similar sound behind her.

The TARDIS reappeared on the other side of the square, and sat there as if it had never been gone. Way to give me a heart attack there, Doctor. Rolling up her thin sleeves, she stomped up to the doors, intending to give the Doctor the worst scolding of his life.

But what stumbled out of the doors was barely recognizable as the Doctor. The leather coat hung in burnt shreds from his shoulders. His short hair couldn't hide the terrible bruising around his head and neck.

He fell to his knees, and she caught him to prevent his head hitting the cobbles. "Rose," he gasped. "Been awhile... eh?"

The questions -- where have you been, how long of a while, what happened, who did this to you -- were frozen in her throat.

"Never mind. It'll all work out soon....."

His head hung forward, and he seemed to pass into a stupor. Deep in the city the alien clock finished striking thirteen.

Somehow she dragged him into the TARDIS -- he was heavier than any human of a comparable size and weight -- and closed the doors. Get him to the infirmary -- there was a first-aid kit in the wall, with an antigrav unit, if she could just find the right roundel--

He choked, and she ran back to his side. The muscles seemed to crawl inside his skin, and he convulsed and screamed. Then a blinding light poured from his wounds, and his face began to glow from within.

She couldn't make herself back away. Was he going to explode? Was this the end?

The light faded. But the Doctor was now completely unrecognizable.

And as it turned out, that was just the beginning.