And She Danced.

by Calliope [Reviews - 5]

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  • Fluff, Het, Romance

Author's Notes:
My poor hubby is ill so I wrote him some fluff to cheer him up. That and my other fic is making me crazy. Sorry. Long story. Anyway, as my beta is ill, it's unbetaed. All mistakes are mine. (And Doctor Who isn't mine...yet. *Goes off to work on BBC takeover bid*)

She danced and he couldn’t look away.

Warm raindrops fell all around, beading and dripping off of his nose. But he didn’t reach up to brush them away, so arrested was he by the sight of his Rose dancing among the wildflowers to a beat only she could hear. They’d barely stepped out of the TARDIS before the heavens had opened up on them. Instead of making a mad dash back to the control room as he’d expected, Rose had laughed. Laughed! Dashed forward a few paces to a clearer space in the seemingly endless meadow where they’d found themselves and began to move.

The Doctor tried to ignore the way that Rose’s shirt now hugged her every curve as she swayed and spun, tried to think of something–anything other than this rain-soaked temptress. Parts of the TARDIS that needed repair and an interesting bit of number theory he’d been working on seemed to melt out of his brain. If it were possible he would have forgotten his own name.

Without conscious thought he drifted closer, drawn into her orbit. She smiled up at him and took his hand, smoothly pulling him with her into the dance. Not wanting to disappoint her or break the spell that they had woven between them, he called upon every bit of dexterity and dancing skill that he could find. Where she led, he followed. They moved as one being through the storm.

As the rain grew lighter, The Doctor suddenly seized control of the pattern. He spun his companion out, drew her back in the same manner, and then dipped her. A peal of delighted laughter greeted him as he set her back on her feet and it crossed his mind that he had never seen anyone more radiant than this. It only seemed natural that he should pull her closer, lean down, and kiss her.

The alarm bells that would normally have rushed to tell him this was a bad idea were blessedly silent. Rose’s arms twined around his neck, and she sighed when at last they parted. They smiled softly at each other for a moment as he reached out to brush a wet tendril off of her face. Then, he reached out and took her hand in his.

Fingers entwined they headed back to the TARDIS.