by TigerKat [Reviews - 4]

  • Teen
  • None
  • Crossover

She shoots him a glance over the rim of her glass, smirks, and says, “Nice gun.”

Jayne, uncertain if she’s being sarcastic, shoots a glare back. “She’s Vera,” he says.

The girl, a slip of a thing in a big black jacket, twists sideways to reveal a pretty big gun of her own. “He’s Toto. He’s not jealous. Is she?” She nods at Vera.

Interested, he swivels towards her. Big eyes, big mouth, nice’n’curvy like he likes them, and she likes guns. Oh yeah. “She ain’t particular.”

She smiles. “Toto’s got some buddies I like to call Nitro-5. Want to come back to my place and meet ‘em?”

Jayne doesn’t consider very long. He’s got leave until tomorrow. “Hell yeah!”

Ace is just as good as her name implies, all hot and sweet and ragged lines scored into his back.

And he gets some nice explosives out of it, too.