by Gordon Dempster [Reviews - 2]

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  • General, Humor

"Ah, Doctor!" exclaimed the Master, "You're just in time!"

"Oh dear, I hope I haven't missed anything important?" asked theDoctor, "After all, somebody has to stop your nefarious plans."

"Nonsense Doctor, have a biscuit!"


"Cup of tea?"

The Doctor's pleasant, open face looked astounded.

"Here, at least have a Murray Mint?"

"Exactly what are you up to?"

"Why Doctor, have you forgotten so soon? It's our 213th anniversary!"

"Of our graduation! Goodness, how time flies!" the Doctors facebeamed.

"Also, I needed a day off, all that maniacal laughter tires you outafter a while..."

"Got any Haagen-Daas?"