by Gordon Dempster [Reviews - 2]

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  • General, Humor

The Doctor surveyed the carnage. Balls of wool were unravelled and tangled across the console room. His sandwiches had been taken apart and scattered on the floor. His cup of tea had been knocked over, soaking his first edition copy of 'The Time Machine'. A suspicious smell emanated from his chair...

He picked up the spare pair of trousers he'd left hanging on the back of the chair and found claw marks all over the legs, leaving nothing but hanging, frayed edges, They were ruined.

He looked across to the alcove of candles to see a small, shadowy figure batting away at one of the tall candlesticks with his paw. "Oh no..."

The candlestick fell, toppling another. And another, scattering flaming candles all across the alcove. One of the pot-plants caught fire. The Doctor picked up what looked like a Dalek gunstick and waved it, spraying a cloud of fire-extinguishing gas over the flames.

The miscreant now sat on the edge of the console, staring at the glowing cylinder in the centre. He turned around and looked accusingly at the Doctor.

"Alright Wolsey, I promise I'll change the time rotor back so you can sit on top of it again, alright?"