Isobel's Zoe

by Amy Wolf [Reviews - 3]

  • Adult
  • Explicit Sex
  • Femslash, Missing Scene, Romance

It had been an innocent enough gesture, Isobel thought. Harmless. She’d only wanted to put away the feather boa. She could hardly expect Zoe to wear it all day.

But when she reached up, Zoe looked up, and their faces were terribly close. Closer than Isobel had planned.

She knew she shouldn’t do this, but they were so close. Just the slightest tilt of her head, the slightest motion forwards, and they were kissing.

It wasn’t much. Maybe a second. Hardly anything improper at all.

Just a touch too serious for a friendly kiss between women.

“I’m sorry,” said Isobel, when the kiss broke. She stepped back and looked down. She was too old to treat these things as a schoolgirl game anymore. At her age, people didn’t laugh at her getting starry-eyed over girls, or enthusiastically kissing her female friends.

They whispered. And worried.

“For what?” Zoe tilted her head and blinked.

“The kiss. I shouldn’t have...”

Zoe stepped in closer. “I don’t see why not.”

Isobel looked up, finally meeting Zoe’s eyes directly. She was surprised to see the same bright, bird-like curiosity that had shown before.

No disapproval. And no fear.

“We’re both women.”

“Exactly.” Zoe stepped closer. “Women full-grown. I desire you, and you desire me. I can’t think of a single logical reason why we shouldn’t act on it.” Her lips were almost touching Isobel’s, every breath ghosting gently. Her left hand slid back around Isobel’s waist, and her right hand was reaching...down.

To hell with it, Isobel thought. She threw her arms around Zoe and leaned forward for a far less hesitant kiss.


Zoe’s fingers slipped deftly around Isobel’s underwear, reaching up and caressing her.

Isobel gasped. She hadn’t expected it to be like this. There was something different about those questing fingers touching her when she’d touched herself so many times. Something more.

She opened her legs a bit farther, and felt Zoe’s fingers spread her apart, exposing where she was warm and wet.

Zoe’s tongue licked lightly at her neck, tracing a line up to her ear.

Isobel gasped as she felt teeth nip at her ear; a wild girl indeed, her Zoe.

Then those nimble fingers found her clitoris, and she moaned like a wild thing herself.

A finger pressed against her, pushing and teasing at the most sensitive spot. Building the sensation up until Isobel could hardly stand it, until she felt she might break apart in Zoe’s hands.

Then drawing away.

Isobel groaned as Zoe’s finger moved away, the brittle, intense feeling already starting to fade.

“Easy,” Zoe whispered into her ear. “Don’t want you to come too fast.”

Isobel leaned against the wall, panting heavily. She was ready to go wherever Zoe wanted to take her, at any time, and in any way that she pleased.

Zoe stepped back, and dropped to her knees. With that same wild-girl smile she slid Isobel’s panties down.

Then she dove under Isobel’s skirt. And.

That hot mouth.

That flicking, quick tongue.

Those nimble fingers squirming up inside her.

Better than Isobel had ever dreamed.

The tongue teased over clitoris. More and more until Isobel was thrashing in place; head tossing, hips thrusting, hands gripping almost painfully on the wall.

Her whole body strung out on edge. A hair’s breadth from shattering.

And this time, Zoe didn’t stop.


“How can you do that?” Isobel asked. She’s got her breath back. “Put your mouth on a girl.”

Zoe’s eyebrows furrowed. “It’s not terribly complicated. Where are you confused?”

“It doesn’t...bother you?” Isobel asked. She meant disgust. Repulse. All the words she’d heard people use about the flavor of a woman. “The taste?”

“I like it.” Zoe smiled again. She slipped one of her fingers lightly up inside Isobel and drew it out again. “It’s nice.”

Then, still smiling, she licked Isobel’s juices off her finger. With long, eager swipes of her tongue.

As if she were chasing the flavor, Zoe slid the finger into her mouth. Seeing Isobel’s astonished gaze, she drew it out with a wet pop.

“Haven’t you done this before?”

“Not...exactly this, no.” Isobel had done things before. With boys, mostly. And a few girls back in school. Schoolgirl games. Or that was what everyone called them.

But never exactly this.

Zoe held out a damp finger. “Try.”

Isobel hesitated a moment, watching Zoe’s surprisingly innocent eyes. Then she let her tongue dart out to taste.

“Not bad.” Surprisingly enough, it wasn't.

“I told you. Of course, no two women would taste quite the same. Diet, the state of her health, body chemistry; all of these things would cause variations in the flavor of a woman’s fluids.”

“So,” asked Isobel, “you wouldn’t taste the same as me?”

Zoe shook her head. “Not...exactly. Would you like to try?”


Isobel had steeled herself for the moment when Zoe looked ashamed. Turned her eyes away. In the books Isobel had read, love between two women was always followed by shame.

So when Zoe’s eyes dropped, Isobel stifled a resigned sigh, and tried not to let her heart sink too low. A girl who’d lick Isobel’s juices off her fingers and smile was too good to be true.

“I can’t stay,” said Zoe.

“I’ve ruined it, haven’t I?” Isobel tried to lighten her words with a laugh, but it came out sounding wrong.

“No.” Zoe looked up. “Of course not! You’re wonderful! But I never can stay. Not for anyone. We’re not like that; the Doctor, and Jamie, and I. We’ Always moving on.”

“Travelers?” Isobel asked.

“We wander in, save the world, and leave again. It’s a bit of a vagabond life, really. For the most part, I like it. But there are some people I regret leaving behind.” Zoe reached up and squeezed Isobel’s hand.

“Does the world need saving then?” Isobel squeezed back. This was making her head spin. It was unreal. Zoe as some kind of...wandering hero?

Isobel could quite believe that, actually.

“I suspect it will, soon. Trouble seems to find us.” Zoe smiled fondly.

“It must be thrilling,” Isobel said. She’d always dreamed about doing something like that.

“Sometimes.” Zoe tilted her head again, looking up at Isobel. “Perhaps you could come along for the adventure? I can’t promise anything. It might not be the whole world that needs saving. It might not even be anything at all. Once in a while, we do land in places that aren’t dangerous.” She batted her eyelashes and gave Isobel a wide-eyed grin. “Would you care to come on an adventure with me? Just one?”

“I’d love to,” said Isobel. She bent her head down and gave Zoe a gentle kiss. “Now, or after tea?”

“Oh, tea first.” Zoe nodded seriously. “We’ll need the energy.”

Isobel tried to pull the feather boa away.

“Leave it.” Zoe put her hands up. “I like how it looks.”