Never Enough Time (formerly 'Time Heals')

by CorellianBlue [Reviews - 34]

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  • Adult
  • Explicit Sex
  • Angst, Character Study, Het

1. Part I ~ Her Name Was Rose [Reviews - 12] (4660 words)
BBC owns Doctor Who and licensed characters. RTD created Doomsday and muchos grief/angst. My David obsession belongs to me!

This fic is dedicated to all the anoraked fanboys out there who are despondent that the girls have stolen their Doctor from them. Whine and blog about this one, boys! :-)

2. Part II ~ The Last Time Lord [Reviews - 8] (1170 words)
This will be a new experience. I’ve never died before. Well, died and stayed dead. least I didn't make you wait too long...

3. Part III ~ Lost [Reviews - 2] (2951 words)
Is this death? the Doctor wondered. Is this Hell? Had the Beast been right all along? Had everything he ever believed in been a lie?

4. Part IV ~ Found [Reviews - 7] (2727 words)
Apologies for the delay - I ran into a bad case of "reality".

5. Part V ~ Running Repairs [Reviews - 5] (3342 words)
“Thank you.” His voice wavered slightly. “Knew you would look after me. If I had come here as soon as I lost her, none of this would’ve happened.”

Thanks for hanging in there with me. This fic is completed. But I have a plot bunny for an epilogue....:-)