Mind The Gap

by moonmonkey [Reviews - 38]

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  • Teen
  • Explicit Violence, Swearing
  • Crossover, General

1. Prologue [Reviews - 5] (1834 words)
The crossover is Neverwhere, but I've tried to make it self-contained, so if you don't know it, it shouldn't really matter. EDA-wise it's post-'Ancestor Cell' - just after 'Camera Obscura', to be precise. So Gallifrey has gone, as has the Doctor's memory, but at least he's got his hearts back where they should be. The swearing is nothing drastic, mainly Fitz being Fitz. The violence comes later.

2. Chapter One [Reviews - 2] (1965 words)

3. Chapter Two [Reviews - 2] (2542 words)

4. Chapter Three [Reviews - 1] (3372 words)

5. Chapter Four [Reviews - 1] (3582 words)
The Labyrinth.

6. Chapter Five [Reviews - 2] (2269 words)

7. Chapter Six [Reviews - 1] (3716 words)
The Floating Market.

8. Chapter Seven [Reviews - 1] (3879 words)

9. Chapter Eight [Reviews - 3] (3904 words)
The Prince, The Marquis, and Monsieur le Comte de Perrault.

10. Chapter Nine [Reviews - 3] (5068 words)
How the Marquis got his coat.

11. Chapter Ten [Reviews - 3] (2786 words)
Then and now, here and there.

12. Chapter Eleven [Reviews - 1] (4579 words)
Find the Lady.

13. Chapter Twelve [Reviews - 2] (4283 words)

14. Chapter Thirteen [Reviews - 2] (1705 words)
The Barbican.

Thank you for coming back to this if you've been reading along up until now. I'm sorry it has taken so long to post this new chapter, RL got somewhat out of control. The rest is all drafted, and I will do my best to write it up and post on a rather more regular basis from now on.

15. Chapter Fourteen [Reviews - 2] (3243 words)
Equal and opposite reactions.

16. Chapter Fifteen [Reviews - 2] (4910 words)
Minds and Bodies.

17. Chapter Sixteen [Reviews - 2] (3791 words)
And as if by magic, the shopkeeper appeared....

18. Chapter Seventeen [Reviews - 3] (3564 words)
"If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story." Orson Welles

Thank you to all of you who have followed this story since February, I very much appreciate your time, attention and feedback. (And, of course, Doctor Who belongs to the BBC, Neverwhere to Neil Gaiman.)