A Learning Experience

by Rivendellrose [Reviews - 6]

  • Adult
  • Explicit Sex
  • Fluff, Het, Romance

Romanadvoratrelundar, lately of Gallifrey, more recently of the Doctor’s mixed up and rather disturbingly unkempt Tardis, and currently ensconced in the somewhat dubious bower of said disorganized and disruptive male Time Lord, rolled onto her back with a contented sigh.

“I might just have to forgive you for being so aggravating earlier today, after that,” she informed her companion, brushing sweat-slick hair out of her eyes. “That was quite satisfactory.”

“Satisfactory?” The Doctor lifted up onto his elbows to look down at her. His curls, always unruly, looked as though they were defying physics in an attempt to gain even more attention than usual. “What do you mean, only ‘satisfactory?’”

She smiled up at him, radiant and unrepentant. “I mean that it was entirely acceptable, as these things go.”

“Good lord, Romana. What else are you expecting? Would you like fireworks, or perhaps a full Etonnian symphony?”

“That wouldn’t be amiss.” She yawned and stretched. “Although I think the fireworks might be a bit of a bad idea here in the Tardis. Maybe the next time we’re planetside... I’ve never seen real fireworks, you know, not from an actual planetary surface.”

“Ridiculous. Of course you have. There was a phenomenal display outside the citadel only... oh, a hundred and twenty-eight years ago. Surely someone took you to see it? You would have been going into your initiation that season, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh, that.” Romana waved her hand vaguely. “I’ve seen captures of it, of course, but that was a bit before my time. Not all of us are quite as old as you, remember, Doctor?”

The Doctor thought about this, a frown creasing his forehead. “No... I’m quite sure you told me you were one hundred and thirty-six, Romana. You should have been eight years old when this happened. It was for the instatement of a president. One from your own house if I recall correctly. Shailan-something. I met him once, some time ago.”

“Maybe you’re forgetting the date, then,” Romana suggested, but she shifted her eyes aside a little too quickly. “Come on, Doctor. I’m tired, let’s go to sleep.”

“You’re not tired, you don’t want me to ask about this.”

“You’re right, I’m not tired.” Romana smirked and reached up to stroke his bare chest, her fingertips drawing taunting little circles and whorls around his nipple. “We could have a bit more fun, I suppose, before we sleep...”

“Hmm, yes, that would... No, wait. Romana, I won’t let you distract me like this. What are you hiding?”

“Oh, it’s silly, really.” She flopped back onto the pillow, making a tired pout with her sweet lips. “I just told a little fib about my age when we met, that’s all. A lady’s prerogative. I’m not a hundred and thirty-six.”

“Really? And you made such a fuss about me not being direct about my age... How old are you, then?”

“Is it really important? What can it matter exactly how old I am.”

“No diversion, Romana, that’s simply not on. Come now, you can tell me... What’s all this about, did you sneak into the academy a year early or something? You know I’m not one to scold for breaking the rules...” He leaned down and kissed her forehead, his fingers twining contentedly in her loose blonde hair. “So, tell me the truth this time. How old are you, really?”

Romana sighed. “I’m one hundred and twenty-five, if you must know.”

“One hundred and--Romana!” The Doctor pulled back from her, his eyes wide with shock. “Get out of my bed this instant!”

“What--Doctor!” Romana yelped as the Doctor pushed her and and made her lose her balance, falling off the bed in an ignoble heap. “Why did you do that?!”

“You’re practically an infant!”

“You’re being a complete fool. That’s not true at all! I’m quite old enough to be out on my own in the universe, legal for all contracts and legal decisions, for voting when the senate polls the colleges and for nearly everything else of importance on Gallifrey.” She stood up, and the sheet that had been draped over her fell to the mattress. The Doctor yelled and covered his eyes.

“Oh, for... Doctor, stop being so childish. Only five minutes ago, you had your hands all over me, not to mention--”

“Don’t say it! I had no idea you were so young!”

Romana couldn’t help it - she laughed.

“I don’t see how this is funny, Romana. You’ve lured me into sexual relations--”

“I lured you?”

Lured me into sexual relations with you,” he repeated, “and here you are, not even old enough to take the Tolanginal!

Romana snorted - not a lady-like noise, she owned, but she’d accepted the pleasure of some of life’s less refined gestures since joining the Doctor in his travels. “Tolanginal is an archaic ritual hallucinogen, Doctor, not a prerequisite to adulthood or to legal sexual intercourse. And you are acting like a stuffy old senator.”

“I most certainly am not!”

“You are.” Romana planted her hands on her hips, chest stuck out in pride, and a little to watch the way it made his eyes look like they wanted to jump out of his skull. It served him right for saying that she was a child. “I wish Gallifrey could see you now, Doctor - their great rebel and criminal, terrified that he’s broken the rules associated with an obscure cultural practice that’s hardly had any attention paid to it since the days of Rassilon!”

“Well, that’s not the point at all,” the Doctor complained.

“Then what is it?”

“Why it’s... the point is that you’re practically a child! The Tolanginal is a symbol, part of an ancient rite that goes back to the beginning of our civilization.”

“It’s an intoxicant, Doctor. In large doses, it acts as a mild hallucinogen used in rituals to increase the gullibility and awe of the participants. In small doses, it’s merely pleasant - like wine to a Human, I would imagine.”

“But the drinking of it--”

“Is peripheral to an out-moded and primitive pseudo-religious rite of passage that the majority of Gallifreyans ignore anyway. The rite of Androzani... it’s just a symbol. It marks what used to be a major moment in a Time Lord’s life, but now it hardly matters at all! Nothing important is associated with it, nothing else is held apart from me before I’ve drunk it--”

“But you lied! You told me you were one hundred and thirty-six, when we first met, so you must have thought that it would be important. You wanted me to think you were a full adult, and you’re not.”

He was genuinely upset by the idea, Romana realized with pitying amusement. The poor man probably thought she’d go home to Gallifrey and set the authorities on him for contributing to the delinquency of a youth or something. She sighed, and lowered her voice, forcing herself to speak in a gentle but reasonable manner. “Would the President of Gallifrey have sent a child to retrieve the Key to Time, Doctor? Or, more to the point, do you honestly think the council would choose to travel with you someone who they thought wasn’t suitably developed and adult to stand up to you? I expect they thought I might keep you in line, Doctor. Do you suppose they would think that of a mere ‘infant,’ as you put it?”

“Well...” the Doctor gave her a suspicious look. “They’ve obviously underestimated both of us, I admit. It won’t be the first time that was true, at least in my case.”

“I’m sure,” Romana assured him with a soft smile. Time to bring out her best argument. “Now, honestly, Doctor. If you’re really so worried about it, I’m sure we can just keep things between us strictly platonic for the next decade. I’ve still got my own room on the other side of the Tardis after all, and there’s absolutely no reason I couldn’t go back to sleeping there full time... Perhaps we could even convince the Tardis to set a DNA-keyed lock to my door. Just to be sure you don’t get overwhelmed by my impudent, immature attempts to seduce you until I’ve grown suitably mature to legally drink the fermented juice of a nasty old mountain cactus.”

The Doctor stared at her, his eyes impossibly wide and his mouth hanging open in shock.

Romana smiled. “I’ll go check the user’s manual right now to see how it should be done, and you can just wait right here...” She started toward the door, then made a show of pausing as though a thought had just occurred to her. “If you’ll just turn around so you don’t see my backside when I leave? I wouldn’t want you to do yourself an injury trying to restrain your lust.”

“Now, that’s just not fair!”

“No, no...” Romana turned and put on her most solemn expression. “I can see now that I haven’t been fair to you, Doctor, not at all. I must keep in mind your advanced age, take into consideration the weakness of intellect and restraint that comes with long life--”


“Yes, Doctor?” she replied sweetly.

The Doctor thought for a moment, and then grinned broadly. “I can see you must have picked up some very strange ideas about the importance of the Tolanginal in your schooling. It is, after all, just an archaic rite. ‘More honored in the breach’ and all that, as our old friend Will wrote. It doesn’t do a thing to make a person really an adult. That’s all about personality, strength of character, things like that.”

“I see, Doctor.” Romana perched on the edge of the bed, and then raised her eyebrows as though surprised at her own indiscretion. “Oh... I hope I’m not overstepping, am I?”

“Oh, I’m sure we’ll manage.” He held out a hand. “Come here.”

She twined her fingers with his hesitantly, pretending maidenly shyness. “Some people might say it’s almost improper for someone of my age to be in bed with a person of yours, Doctor. After all... I haven’t even taken the Tolanginal,” she added with a grin.

“Yes, well... we are both something of rebels, aren’t we, Romana?”

“You might be onto something there, yes.” She scooted across the bed until their knees touched, and watched him with a patient smile.

“I suppose a little... youthful experience never hurt anyone,” he continued. “Not that you’re actually a child--”

“Certainly not,” Romana agreed quickly, with a momentary flash of indignant annoyance.

“But you are still very young, and inexperienced.”

That stung a bit, but the rich warmth in the Doctor’s voice encouraged her to forgive it... especially when he reached out and stroked her cheek, smoothing a callused thumb briefly over her lips. “I suppose that’s true,” Romana agreed. Yes, she thought, as his hand dropped to her breast, rolling one of her nipples between thumb and forefinger - this was definitely the way to handle matters. “Someone really ought to teach me. Someone older... perhaps even a bit wiser.”

“A bit?”

“Just a tiny bit.” Wisdom wasn’t equal to actual intelligence of course, so she was willing to relinquish that one to him... just as long as he didn’t stop the delightfully distracting way his other hand had slipped down to trace arcane figures over her stomach.

“You’re right, Romana,” the Doctor intoned. “Someone really ought to take you in hand.”

Romana shivered at the heavy innuendo in his voice. “Do you know anyone who might be willing?”

“I think I might manage.”

“You?” She smiled. “The council wouldn’t like that much.”

“They wouldn’t, would they?” He flicked lightly at her nipple with his fingernail, making it tighten into a round bud. “Perhaps we should ask them to send a more suitable candidate to initiate you.”

“I’m young and reckless,” Romana informed him in a drole tone. “I don’t think I can wait that long.”

The Doctor gave her his biggest grin. “I hoped you might say that. Now, come here.”

She leaned forward, and the Doctor kissed her deeply, his tongue sliding against hers in a leisurely manner. She let her eyes close, and felt a cool, callused hand cup her breast... and then the other hand cupped her groin.

“I know it seems a bit strange,” the Doctor murmured when their mouths parted, his eyes glinting with soft teasing. “But I think you’ll find this quite pleasurable, if you’ll give it a chance.”

“Really?” Romana widened her eyes, pretending surprise. “I can’t imagine.”

“Let me help you, then...” He slid one finger slowly between the lips of her sex. “Ah... what a precocious young lady you are, my dear. You’re already quite wet.”

“Is that all there is, then?” she asked him in an arch tone. “Because I was given to expect something a bit more impressive.”

“Oh, no. I can safely say we haven’t yet even begun.” The Doctor flicked his fingernail lightly over her clit, and then plunged the finger into her. Romana stifled a whimper at the sudden penetration and then moaned, arching to rub against the palm of his hand. “Ah, now, don’t take it too fast...”

“Slow is fast to the old,” Romana growled.

“Impatience, the greatest failing of the young. I have another Human saying to teach you, my dear.” He removed his finger and rubbed it slowly over her clit, massaging in an agonizingly casual manner. “‘Good things come to those who wait.’”

“Mmm. But--”

“Now, who is the teacher here, and who is the student?” The Doctor pulled back his hand, setting back on his heels to regard her with a mock-irritated expression. “If you don’t behave, Romana, I’ll have to punish you.”

“Is that a promise?” Romana grinned up at him and then settled back onto the pillows. “Stop wasting time. I’m getting bored waiting for you to catch up. Or does it take so long to get ready, once a person is as old as you?”

“What is time good for other than wasting? But in the interest of holding your youthfully short attention span, I suppose I could... up the tempo a bit, shall we say?” He bent forward to catch her lips in another kiss, and nudged her legs apart gently with his knee while he played his fingers lightly over the inside of her thigh and up again, stroking light and quick into her. He kissed down her neck to her breast, and stayed there for a moment, nibbling and sucking while he massaged her clit, and then kissed her once over each heart and tilted his head up to check her response. “Are you ready?”

“Mm. I think that will do nicely, yes.”

The Doctor chuckled. “You’re not good at pretending innocence, my dear.”

Romana lifted herself up on her elbows and smirked at him. “Why should I bother? I’m quite happy as I am.”

“And so you should be.” He kissed her quickly, and slid an arm around her waist to modify their angle a bit as he positioned himself so the head of his cock nudged against her entrance. “I wouldn’t have you any other way.” With that, he slid slowly into her.

The rhythm they set at first was slow and languourous, comfortable - just the joining of two bodies that knew each other well, as their two minds twined around each other in the closest intimacy of telepaths. As the Doctor had promised, though, he picked up the pace quickly enough, and soon they were both clawing at each other, arching into each other as they reached for their peak. At last, minds wrapped tightly around each other, the tension snapped and they broke in achingly pleasant pulses that echoed through their link. The Doctor rode out the last shuddering waves and then stilled over Romana, bracing himself a bit awkwardly on his arms to keep from pressing her small body too much.

“’Satisfactory’ once again?” he murmured when they’d sufficiently caught their breath.

“Mmm.” Romana rolled onto her side, scooting a bit to invite the Doctor behind her, where he curled his body into the curve of her back, draping one heavy arm over her waist. “Quite nice.”

“Hmph. Well, I’m glad I rate ‘nice,’ in your vocabulary.”

“You can’t expect me to be too glowing in my praise, Doctor. I’m young, and I have a lot of time left in my life.” Romana lifted his hand from her breast and kissed his knuckle before curling it back against her hearts. “I have to leave you plenty to work toward.”