Scratching the Itch

by rallalon [Reviews - 34]

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  • Adult
  • Explicit Sex
  • Het, Humor, Romance

1. Part One of Three [Reviews - 16] (7444 words)
Once upon a time, I swore to myself that I would never ever ever write anything like this. And then, facing finals, work and a crapload of Shakespeare, I thought: "Hm. I could spend my free time writing Waffles - which would involve plot and thinking and a depressed Ten - or I can poke at a cliche until I sporfle." And... yeah. This is what you get.

A big thank-you to Vyc, my constant support and the slightly deafened ear which patiently listens to all of my really random ideas. Often. And/or all the time. Thanks also go to Editor Highlighter-Hands, my wonderful porn expert to whom I owe the mood of this post and much sporfling. Love you two.

2. Part Two of Three [Reviews - 2] (5519 words)

3. Part Three of Three [Reviews - 16] (7250 words)