Growing Pains

by Adalia Zandra [Reviews - 79]

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  • Angst, Character Study, Hurt/Comfort, Introspection

1. Search and Rescue [Reviews - 12] (1895 words)
I am so beyond exhausted right now I’m not entirely sure if what I’m typing is coherent, but… ::waves hello to mods::… spell check isn’t showing too many little red lines, so it can’t be too bad. This first part was written a while ago, so it should be fine, unaffected by today’s too many hours of being awake in a row. I just wanted to get it posted tonight since I’ve been dropping hints that I would.

As for the story… it’s a post-VotD piece in the same vein of those written by several wonderful authors recently, sending the Doctor to Jack. But I think I may have a unique spin on the idea that you’ll enjoy following. It’s something I’ve seen done in other contexts in the past, and I’ve always wanted to give it a go.

And a short PSA/shameless plug before the fic: If you’d like update notices other than those available here at Teaspoon, feel free to friend my fic journal at LJ. It’s brand shiny new and I’m starting to really warm up to the idea.

2. Communicate [Reviews - 13] (2396 words)
And now on to part two. I only have half of part three written, so it might not be up tomorrow. But it probably won’t take me three months this time, either. :-)

3. Damage Assessment [Reviews - 10] (3468 words)
This part is brought to you by Douglas Adams, the number forty two, and the comments of viewers like you!

I think we’re looking at seven parts for this one, but that’s already been revised upwards once, so who really knows. Here’s the third part, anyway…

4. Pass the Time [Reviews - 8] (4699 words)
I’ve been waffling about rewriting bits of part three. But every time I tried, I kept getting distracted by trying to write part four. And every time I tried to write part four, I kept getting distracted by school and work and… life in general. (But I did make a concentrated effort to keep it in Jack’s POV this time to avoid a repeat of the issues that put part three in question, to begin with.)

And so, a few weeks later than I thought it would be, here it is. Part four is brought to you by the letter N, forty-some-odd Heinlein novels, and a transporter—I mean, rift manipulator malfunction, though not necessarily simultaneously. Enjoy!

5. Intervention [Reviews - 9] (4599 words)
Well, I had planned to take this in a somewhat different direction, to tell the truth, and I certainly hadn’t set out to write a coral story. And yet… well, keep reading and see for yourself!

BTW: There are, in fact, only the very vaguest of spoilers for VotD in this part. :-)

6. Guilt and Reason [Reviews - 12] (7000 words)
This part is epic, clocking in at 7000 words, and it feels like it took me forever and a day to write it, but I think it might be my favorite part so far. I admit I haven’t done my usual extra read through, though, so if you catch any typos or confusing bits or other general stupidity, please let me know.

Assuming nothing else unexpected blindsides me as I write the next part, part seven will also be the final part. As always, thanks to everyone who’s been commenting along the way! :-)

7. Paradox Resolved [Reviews - 15] (6273 words)
And here we are, at the final part. Thank you to everyone who’s read along, and especially to those of you who reviewed and commented on LJ when I asked for feedback. As always, your thoughts have influenced how I write, making the story better for it. I hope you all enjoy the end of Growing Pains as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Also, extra special thanks to WMR for looking over those first five pages. :-)

And… drum roll, please… due to certain comments on LJ and the advent of a truly awful pun, I have embarked upon an epic project: a full Doctor Who spinoff series based in the future AU I’ve created for this story. That’s right… Growing Pains is the pilot for a full run of 13 episodes following the adventures of Old!Jack and the Doctor from his timeline… and a surprise third character, too! Stay tuned for excitement, danger, timey-wimey stuff (ding! squawk! bang! eww…), humor, hurt/comfort, character development, mystery, a multi-Doctor story, and a rousing game of spot the series-wide meme! Coming to a computer screen near you (not that near, it’s bad for your eyes!) in the hopefully not too distant future: GP Who! (Horribly terrible title pun entirely, and cheerfully, intended.)