First Time

by CorellianBlue [Reviews - 46]

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1. Part I [Reviews - 23] (4048 words)
The All Mighty and Powerful BBC owns all. But I got a sonic screwdriver for Christmas!
I should be writing a Han/Leia fic. I’ve written 20 pages of a H/L sequel which I promised to finish two years ago. It ain't gonna happen.
As you can tell, I’m labouriously slow at writing. Hopefully by posting the first part of this fic, I might actually complete it before next Christmas.

2. Part II [Reviews - 6] (3933 words)
Aunty Beeb owns all, except my worship of the mighty Ten-inch.
I used to watch The X-Files in the 90s -- not a huge fan; more like a nodding aquaintance. Therefore my source on X-F is Wikipedia. (!)
Please don't hassle me about what is/isn't DW canon. I've cherry-picked the bits I want to use. My knowledge of genetics is even less formed than my knowledge of DW and X-F!
One 'swear word' in this part. Still no smut. In Part III, I promise. But not sure how long it will take me to write Part III, but I'm willing to give it a shot.
Oh -- and you realise that I've got Han and Leia on hold in a galaxy far, far away because of this fic. The SW girls are gonna kill me! :-)
(Jelly babies all round if you find David's birthdate amongst the figures bandied around!)

3. Part III [Reviews - 8] (5928 words)
The BBC has copyright over Doctor Who and owns all -- except for those filthy little thoughts I have about David. :-)

I know I promised smut in Part III -- it's vaguely there. You might have to wait for Part IV for the consumation.

4. Part IV [Reviews - 9] (6156 words)
BBC owns alles. Except for my rather painful and obvious David-obsession (which ain't going away anytime soon!).

I wasn't planning on posting this tonight (Australian Eastern Summer Time, that is), but lo and behold -- she is finished!

No apologies for the gratuitous use of real-life references to Tennant.

Serious Note: There was another fic recently posted to this site which also examines Ten's genitalia in some detail. All I can say is that I've been working on this part all week and the way I've written it is what I've had in mind for the last few months (yes, I've obsessed about this fic for that long!). So the similarities are pure coincidence (or a case of brilliant minds thinking alike?). The same with the dog-socks (I have RSPCA dog-socks, so I gave them to Ten to wear for the duration of this fic!). Yes. Even in bed. :-) Woof!