1. Chapter 01 - Of Lords and Ladies [Reviews - 3] (757 words)
This is the Prequel to the Moving Forward Series

2. Chapter 2 - LOSS [Reviews - 0] (2965 words)
This was my way of dealing with the death of a cousin of mine who committed suicide in early 2008 and brought up a lot of old memories, originally I hadn't planned on doing this chapter, but real life had other ideas thus its appearance so long after I had closed the Part 00 on Teaspoon. As grim is this topic is I hope that I at least have left it on a positive enough note that it isn't a total downer. If there is anything I have learned from my experiences is that no matter how dark the situation walking away is better. If you hate your life enough to die, walk away and build another one instead. If you look, there will always be someone to help you do so; it is a better solution then throwing it all away. You do that and all that is evil in the universe gets the win, better to live and thumb your nose at the devil.

If you have a squeamish stomach or just can't handle this level of angst, I recommend you continue on to the next part in this series. If you want to have some insight to what goes through the mind of those left behind, read on. The feelings and emotions expressed by the Doctor are somewhat based on my own remembered emotions from when I attempted suicide over 20 years ago.