by ninamusing [Reviews - 52]

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  • Adult
  • Explicit Sex
  • Drama, Het, Hurt/Comfort, Mixed, Romance, Slash

1. Bazaar [Reviews - 16] (1333 words)
Written for Dark_Aegis for the OT3 ficathon. Wanted: Nine/Rose/Jack between The Doctor Dances and Boom Town; UNIT (a mention is fine); the sonic screwdriver failing/breaking at the worst possible time; Hurt/Comfort with the Doctor being the focus of the hurt with the others being the comfort.

2. Maintenance [Reviews - 3] (1669 words)
A little downtime on the TARDIS offers a chance for basic maintenance.

3. Off Balance [Reviews - 2] (2177 words)
The Doctor has a lot of little surprises to keep his companions off balance. (Thanks as always to wmr for betaing!)

4. Whirl [Reviews - 3] (3935 words)
First, thanks as always to for a great beta. I have gone against her advice in one regard, so if you spot a mistake, that would be me. Second, I have taken some architectural liberties with the building in question, but there was no way to make this work without building an addition. And third, sincere apologies to anyone who has been following this story and wondering where the hell it went, particularly Gillian Taylor, for whom it is written. My writing muse decided to take a well-earned holiday without my permission, but at least she's now texting messages from the Bahamas.

5. Shadows [Reviews - 3] (3810 words)
Dinner, after dancing.

Thanks, as always, to WMR for BRing.

6. Latency [Reviews - 1] (3910 words)
Morning in the TARDIS, and another day of adventure.

7. Ritual [Reviews - 2] (4823 words)
Rose remembers, and Jack finally gets his dance.

8. Unpredictable [Reviews - 1] (5500 words)
The Doctor takes Jack and Rose to a harvest festival. The fact that it's also a fertility festival has nothing to do with his choice. None at all. Swear.

9. Reverberation [Reviews - 1] (4590 words)
In which some questions are answered and others arise.

10. Propagation [Reviews - 4] (5134 words)
While the Doctor recovers, Rose and Jack find themselves somewhere they want to be but shouldn’t.

11. Diffraction [Reviews - 2] (4972 words)
The Doctor has recovered… hasn't he?

12. Refraction [Reviews - 7] (8548 words)
Emotions are getting frayed.

13. Diffusion [Reviews - 7] (6986 words)
For once, Jack may be in over his head. (This chapter is somewhat dark, for those who need or want warning.)