a new start

by 10th Doctor [Reviews - 3]

  • All Ages
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  • Action/Adventure, General

The tardis door swung open and the nith Doctor fell to the floor. He was motion less. His face blank, his companion Jenna staired at him. Her mind filled with thoughts of what happened. She moved over to him and looked at his face. His eyes opened. he blinked. Watching her. His mouth opened and he spoke to her.

"Jenna, I feel motionless. I feel dead. Don't worry, i'm going to be ok!" His voice faded away. A tear rolled down her face. It dripped off her chin onto the Doctors face. Then with a huge blast of light his face covered. Jenna ran over to the console and hid behind it. Then with a flair the light died away.

She peaked from the console, looking at the Doctor. Jenna got up from the floor and walked over to him.

"Doctor?" She was faced with a new man. He had short blond hair and a long face. He looked very young. He got to his feet. Then walked over to the console. He pressed a switch and it started to take off.

"Doctor?" Jenna was scared.

"Yes?" He replyed looking at her face.

"Your face, its changed?"

"Wha-" He felt his face and looked at her. "Yes, wow! Isn't it a nice one." He walked to the back corridors and within then seconds came out in a long red robe, which had question marks on the side. He looked in the mirror.

"What happened Doctor."

"Yes, indeed. What happened. I can't honistly remember myself. Still, All can be fixed. All i need to do is go to the eye of horion and find out. yes?" He said looking into her big blue eyes.

"ok, Doctor." She then walked and put her coat on. She walked back and looked at his face again. She was confused and worried. The Tardis landed and the Doctor looked at her.

"Lets go!" They both walked over to the door and opened it. Outside was not the normal place he expected, but a city. A huge place. Full of men and women walking up and down the streets.

"What is this?" The Doctor shouted. He looked at Jenna, his eyes changed into a shiny silver metalic form. His face growing veins. He was not entirly normal!