Author's Notes:
So I scrawled this out in Spanish class when I should've been working. It started as doodles which I might post (read:won't) and sort of transformed. I hope you guys like it.

The doctor
The captain
The flower
The wolf
Are in it for life
Through love and strife
The bride
Want only the ride
Want only the dream
They're not what they seem.

Who is responsible?
Asks a shattered world
The answer comes in threes.
The doctor
The captain
The flower
Say, "I,"
But the answer that's given
Is only a lie.

The truth is none
And the truth is all
The truth is not known
As to the fall
Which shattered
The world which
Now all that is left
Is the void.

The void of the
The coward
The lover
The one
Who destroyed the world
And saved it too
But now that he's gone
The world's left to you.