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Author's Notes:
From the depths of my oxygen-starved mind on my morning run.


"What's that, Sarah?" came a sonorous voice from under the console. The Doctor cast his eyes in the direction of his best friend but as he couldn't let go of the console parts he was pulling together, all he could see were her lower legs. He spotted a pair of dark trainers, but her ankles were encased in woolly pink. Why are there scarves on her ankles, he wondered?

She waited patiently for the tangle of curls to emerge, so as to ensure that he heard her this time.

As the curvilinear rectifier snapped into place, the Doctor placed his hands on the console and pulled himself out. He gave Sarah an expectant look.

"Does the TARDIS have a gym?"

"Why do you ask?" Sarah Jane seemed perfectly fit to him. As long as she didn't twist anything in those thoroughly impractical shoes she generally insisted on wearing, she always kept up admirably.

"I've noticed that we seem to spend a lot of time running from assorted aliens and I'd like to make sure that I can get away when I need to." It was then that the Doctor took in the rest of Sarah's ensemble. Was that for running? It was...improbable...his mind supplied. A strange little fleece skirt with a matching jumper tied around her shoulders. Ah well. Who was he to comment on her outfits? He reckoned she wouldn't appreciate it very much.

"The Arboretum might be a nice place for a jog," suggested the Doctor as they exited the console room.

"The what? Did you just say what I thought you said?"


"Oh, never mind." Sarah laughed.

"I haven't been to the Arboretum in decades," replied the Doctor. "Maybe I'll join you!" They carried on in companionable silence for a little while, with Sarah beginning to feel she'd had quite enough of a workout for the day. Finally stopping in front of a door, he happily announced, "And here we are!"

Sarah Jane's eyes widened in amazement at the sight around her. She stretched a little and looked back at the Doctor. "Aren't you coming?"

"Coming? But I'm here already. Who said anything about running?" he answered, as he pulled from his coat a well-thumbed novel and an enormous stopwatch. "Now get on with it, Sarah," he said as he flopped himself down against the trunk of a large oak.

Sometime later

"You're slowing down, Sarah! That last lap was 34.66% slower than your first one. Get those knees up! Remember your form!"

Next time, Sarah decided, she would just stick to the TARDIS corridors.