Uh Oh

by dalek on skaro [Reviews - 3]

  • All Ages
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  • Humor

"Maybe she had been a little OTT. I mean, how bad could it be?" Rose asked herself. As she heard screams she sat up in bed and walked into the TV room. There sat Mickey and the Doctor watching a game of football.

"GOAL!" the Doctor screamed. "And there's the end of time whistle, you owe me £50!!!"
"I don't get how they lost," Mickey replied, in denial. "They're the best team in the league against the worst!"
"Who was playing?" Rose asked as she walked in.
"Arsenal versus London United," Mickey said to Rose.
"I won!!!" the Doctor screamed again, running round the room, taking his suit jacket off and swinging it around. Rose tried hard not to watch too intently, and turned to Mickey.
"Hang on, wasn't the Doctor watching that football match a week ago?" Rose asked Mickey. The Doctor froze, and Mickey's face got redder.
"DOCTOR!" he screamed and chased the Doctor through the TARDIS.

"That's why I was regretting this," she said out loud, before going to rescue the Doctor from Mickey.