Just What I Needed

by silverotter [Reviews - 4]

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Author's Notes:
Oy vey. This is what happens when I listen to songs. Fics come out. Shame on me, blah, blah, blah. I would recommend listening to this song as you read the fic. (Just What I Needed by The Cars) Also, for the love of Ianto's coffee, review this fic for me. It's the only really not-crack thing I've written with the exception of that 70 word mess over there. *gestures towards story list* Also, this was written at three in the morning and is unbetaed. I apologize profusely for all mistakes.

"Pick a song." Jack said, smiling that irresistible smile at me. "Any song. But try for something with a beat."

I stared at Jack's immense collection of music, searching for something relevant. Something that I could use to portray what I felt tonight. It really shouldn't be that special. Tonight, that is. But it is. It's an anniversary of sorts, although that doesn't make it particularly special. One year ago today marks the first time Jack and I discovered our mutual attraction. I refrain from saying, 'our first date,' or anything so cheesy or contrived. A bout of stopwatch sex in his office can hardly be called a date.

Nonetheless, it made this evening at least a tad different, at least for me. I can't speak for the man still smirking at me in that rakish way all his own. I don't think I could guess his thoughts even if I had that mind-reading pendant of Tosh's. What a bleeding enigma he presents; not just to me, but to everybody. On the outside, he seems like a lake in fall. Smooth. Unfeeling. Cool the point of cold. But on the inside...A raging inferno burns.

Of course, no one can go on like that without something breaking the surface. And that's where I come in. I guess the sex is a release for him. Something to keep him from going completely round the bend. His bedroom personality is that of a wild animal, hungry and aggressive. It probably should bother me more, that I'm essentially my boss' fucktoy; but it doesn't.

There's a lot of things about my relationship with Jack that should bother me. Little things that would drive me up the wall if any other person did them. He stands over my shoulder while I work and watches. Just watches. I think I partially froze the last person who read over my shoulder with the look I shot at them. But not Jack. And he asks the most obvious questions.

"Ianto, where are the scones?"

"They're right on the counter, sir."

Of course they are. They're always on the counter. Again, such a addle-pated question from another person would be enough to make me at the very least a tad irritated at whomsoever asked it. But not Jack.

I spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out why Jack had this particular effect on me before I decided that it was just a fact of nature that the man turned my brain temporarily to mush, and that my mental time could be better spent in more efficient pursuits. Pursuits such as the ponderment as to what exact Jack is saying whenever he begins to talk in his sleep. Which he does quite often.

It starts as soft murmuring that sounds rather like begging. That then escalates to full-volume talking, as if he's speaking to someone in the room. It normally stays at talking, but occasionally, it will turn to screams. There are no words to the screams, just the full-throated wails of agony of someone being tortured.

It's when the screaming starts that I wake him up, but up till that point I'm normally quite content to lie there and listen. Jack doesn't speak English when he talks in his sleep. Or rather, not normal English. It's a fairly skewed English, with many words that I don't recognize, almost like an amalgam of all the languages of the world. The words that I can pick out most frequently are, 'doctor', and 'wolf', and 'rose'. 'Please' is also very common, as is 'why'. I cannot for the life of me unravel the meaning of Jack's mutterings, although I would very much like to.

I have a feeling that if he ever explained it to me it would be quite a story. A long, gorgeous story. I can't imagine Jack coming from any other background. He's so much more complex than he lets on. I can feel in my bones that he's been to places that I can't even imagine. Wonderful places. Terrible places. But I know for a fact though that if I asked him, he would tell me that I was merely having fancies.


"Hmm?" I started out of my reverie and found myself looking into his eyes. He has beautiful eyes. I shouldn't think that of course. Lack of true emotion for the other person is not recommended in Jack and I's arrangement.

"Are you going to pick a song?" He asked, with just a trace of amusement in his voice.

"Of course, sir."

I studied the rows of CD's once more before selecting one and placing it in the stereo. Immediately a throbbing rhythm began to play.

Ben Orr's voice came over the speakers, husky, and a little bit sexy. Jack smiled at me.

I don't mind you coming here,
And wasting all my time...

"Good choice." He said, and offered his hand. "Dance?"

'Cause when you're standing oh-so-near,
I kind of lose my mind...

For a relationship that was supposed to be devoid of emotion, he was doing an awful good impression of affection, or something like it. Still though, I took his hand.

It's not the perfume that you wear,
It's not the ribbons in your hair...

"Certainly, sir."

I don't mind you coming here,
And wasting all my time.

He smiled again and pulled me close.

I don't mind you hangin' out,
And talking in your sleep...

We danced in silence for a few seconds while the synthesizer played.

It doesn't matter where you've been,
As long as it was deep, yeah...


You always knew to wear it well,
You look so fancy I can tell...

"Yes, sir?"

I don't mind you hangin' out,
And talking in your sleep...

"Do you love me?"

I guess you're just what I needed,
I needed someone to feed...

"I do, sir."

I guess you're just what I needed,
I need someone to bleed...

The beat of the music started to pick up as he looked into my eyes.

I don't mind you coming here,
And wasting all my time, time...

"I thought so."

'Cause when you're standing oh-so-near,
I kind of lose my mind, yeah...

"Problem, sir?"

I don't mind you coming here,
And wasting all my time...

"No..." He said, a hint of that lovely smile playing across his face. "I think we're fine."

I guess you're just what I needed,
I needed someone to feed...
I guess you're just what I needed,
I needed someone to bleed...
You're just what I needed...