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1. Goodbye [Reviews - 19] (1241 words)

2. Shock [Reviews - 6] (1287 words)
Sorry for taking so long to update.

3. Storage [Reviews - 7] (915 words)
2 updates in one weekend! i'm on a role! how very exciting.

4. Drive [Reviews - 6] (1131 words)
one more for the weekend! i never update this often so i'm very happy i've gotten this out there!

The main focus is on saving the Doctor at present, and while he does have a little to say in this chappie, it is still mostly, about the other wonderful characters in the story. I just have to say i am one of the who fans who loves mickey and jackie. Both really great characters, and i dont believe that jackie flies off the handle the way some people write her.

5. Found and Lost? [Reviews - 4] (1754 words)
Hooray! The TARDIS has been found! Our favourite time lord on the other hand, may be lost.

Probably all i'll be able to update this weekend, lots of homework to do still. Grade 12 never stops!

6. Gone [Reviews - 3] (867 words)
I'm sorry, i'm so sorry.

7. This Time, Say It [Reviews - 6] (1003 words)
one more post for this weekend! that's it! The title is from the episode school reunion, when Sarah Jane, asks the Doctor to this time, say it, say goodbye.

again, sorry for this chapter, but only a little.

8. The Idiot [Reviews - 6] (1175 words)
It occured to me that before i write the part that was going to immediately follow the previous chapter, it might be odd if a bunch of stuff happens and Mickey is just randomly wandering around the TARDIS. I actually really like this chapter. It's just about what Mickey is feeling after losing the Doctor, and basically what he's doing while Rose is saying goodbye.

9. Thump [Reviews - 8] (1536 words)
So i said i wouldn't get this up until tomorrow or the weekend, but i'm really cool and neglected my homework to bring you this. There is more of the nice bit at the end in the following chapter.

hope you enjoy! there should be a few more smiles by the end of this chapter.

10. Dying and Waking [Reviews - 9] (2783 words)
This chapter is all about the Doctor. It is what was happening to him pretty much from the time he goes unconscious while talking to Mickey, to when Rose wakes up right before she notices him. It is meant to bring the readers along with both Rose and the Doctor so that the next chapter they are in the same place with each other.

11. Horrible Conclusion [Reviews - 9] (3093 words)
This chapter is a little bit of everything, very happy, and then a horrible realization. I could have made it all really happy, but this part at to come anyway, so instead of having two or 3 really small chapters i have this bigger one instead, which really is nicer for fans of this story because you get a few ideas at once!

Anyway, i'm saying sorry in advance because things looked better for the doctor...for a while.

hope you enjoy! don't hate me! it will get better! i promise!

12. Tea and Desperate Measures [Reviews - 8] (2242 words)
Sorry for the long wait, but here it is! this chapter is a little slow, but it is building up to next chapter in which hopefully some large truths will be revealed!

i hope you enjoy it! Just to let those of you who have been reading this since the beginning, and possibly also read the beginnings of another story i started called "Full of Light". I felt bad for neglecting it for so long, getting this started. I went a re read it today and realized that i've subconciously made the plots fit together. Anyway the short way of saying this is, i'm terribly sorry, but this will be put on hold until that story, which is the prequel to this, is complete! sorry! please dont hurt me! you will be able to find "full of light" easily now because i've made it a series so you can get it from this story as well. on the upside! it means that you will get the Doctor's first hand perspective of what has/is happening to him.

13. Cat and Mouse [Reviews - 8] (5755 words)
Welcome/welcome back/ thanks for joining me after Full of Light (read it, it makes this make waaay more sense!)
After a year without updating this what could I have possibly been doing?? Finishing grade 12, 1st year university. Mid essay season and I may give up and curl into a ball I am so tired.

14. Life [Reviews - 9] (4773 words)
This chapter is very sad but we've got a new character at the end there and so with more suffering comes more healing soon...I think.

15. Fuel to the Fire [Reviews - 7] (4018 words)
So this isn't the longest of chapters but still fairly sizeable. If you haven't been following along from FOL this and all of the chapters may be confusing though bits are obviously explained. I am saying this because the end of the chapter provides a very interesting tidbit of information and if you aren't aware of FOL or even if you haven't read it in a while the reference may be lost on you. It will be further explored next chapter anyway, but the whole shock factor is lost if you aren't aware.

16. Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News [Reviews - 7] (3867 words)
Sorry for taking such a long time to update! Difficult chapter for me to write for some reason. My life went directly from essay season to first year uni exams, finished now. Spent some time with my boyfriend who is taking another semester of school, we go to different universities, so effectively our summer together was 3 days long- forgive the lack of updates for these reasons as well as me needing to go and buy furniture for my new appartment!
Umm, if you don't watch Torchwood, since series 4 of Doctor who doesn't exist in this story, I'm still saying season 2 of Torchwood did, and this is after Owen and Tosh have been killed, a very lonely Torchwood. As well, we have another character that I wasn't going to add, but, now, I don't think to stay though...

17. Sticks and Stones and Smith and Jones [Reviews - 10] (1870 words)

18. When Tea Won't Help [Reviews - 6] (1764 words)
Can I even begin to tell you all how sorry I am!? Hectic 2nd year of uni, H1N1, doesn't get much better than this. Anyway, please forgive me and I hope you enjoy!! Thanks to Vicky for nagging me to get at this again! I deeply deeply appreciate it. Besides! Even if the Doctor isn't doing so hot, thanks to fanfic, he's still alive...I don't know what the BBC is talking about...

19. Cold Tea [Reviews - 7] (2791 words)
So Teaspoon and I, and my personal life and Summer school...etc have been giving me a hard time. This has been written for ages but not edited and I don't have a beta so...there we go.

Enjoy and I will try to get more out as fast as I can...I keep saying that but I really mean it this time!

20. Strange White Flowers [Reviews - 11] (921 words)
Hello all who may or may not still be following this story! If you are, you are truly the most wonderful people in the universe...if you aren't...well if you aren't you aren't reading this comment either, but I understand. I won't pretend that I will update this immediately. Apparently being 20 is busier than I thought it would be. I do have another chapter or two written after this however they have not been edited. I'll try for soon. Thanks so much for sticking with me.

21. Repetition and Getting Your Act Together [Reviews - 5] (928 words)
Yes...I am bowing my head in shame. And yes, it has been months and months. I fully expect to be flogged, but if you're still with me, perhaps this chapter - and the fact that I'm in Canada, will suffice instead.

Rose gets her act together, the Doctor continues speaking, and coming up next...oooooh ask and ye shall recieve.

22. Hurts [Reviews - 3] (1240 words)
No excuse now. My life is the most stressful it has ever been and so I am retreating into publishing this. I've had it written for ages - I apologize more than I can even express. I have one more chapter already written. I am still committed to finishing this story. I love this story and I love anyone who will still read it.

23. Bananas Are Good [Reviews - 3] (2170 words)
You're all going to want to kill me after this chapter...