Hothouse Flowers

by DameRuth [Reviews - 40]

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  • Adult
  • Explicit Sex, Swearing
  • Angst, Het, Slash

1. Chapter 1 [Reviews - 10] (1972 words)
While I do adore (and, for the most part, believe in) happy endings, there's happy and then there's happy . . . just as love itself comes in a great many flavors.

Sorry, no Nine, no Rose, just the story as it unfolded inside my head . . . and even a late blooming is better than none. Sequel to "Like Flowers." Thanks to aibhinn for help with the title!

2. Chapter 2 [Reviews - 11] (1878 words)
Teh secks, ladies and gennulmen . . . but that's only the start of things.

3. Chapter 3 [Reviews - 5] (1469 words)
The next bit -- there will be an epilogue to close and tie things up, which may take a day or two to post (I'm finishing the last of it now, and my have limited computer access for a little while after).
For some reason, my subconscious has been whumping Jack a bit lately -- fortuntately, he's strong enough to take it, as the Doctor finds out in this chapter.

4. Epilogue [Reviews - 14] (1264 words)
An ending -- for now.