To Have And Not To Hold

by mtemplar [Reviews - 268]

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  • Adult
  • Explicit Sex, Explicit Violence
  • Angst, Het, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

1. Un [Reviews - 15] (2297 words)
My first Who-fic - please be gentle! Thanks to slayersgrl and nonlinear musings for the initial read-throughs and suggestions. Grammar and formatting helpfully beta'ed by brit_columbia and banshee196; general content/grammar has been kindly betaed by platypus - thank you all so very much!

This story is loosely based on the Fourth Doctor serial, 'The Brain of Morbius' and contains elements from the 1996 TV Movie and the NA novel 'Lungbarrow'. Spoilers are present for Series 2, up to 'School Reunion'.

Disclaimer: I do not own 'Doctor Who' and am making no profit from this fanfiction.

2. Deux [Reviews - 5] (1730 words)
Thank you very much for the kind reviews of the first chapter - it's nice to see those little notifications in my inbox!

Part Deux - Rose meets with Sister Ohica.

3. Trois [Reviews - 12] (2132 words)
Things go from bad to worse, and Rose is in for a shock.

4. Quatre [Reviews - 8] (1530 words)
More secrets are uncovered, and Rose gets caught 'looking'.

5. Cinq [Reviews - 8] (1869 words)
The Doctor's awake - and he's not happy.

6. Six [Reviews - 10] (3007 words)
The Doctor and Rose have escaped from the Sisterhood...or have they?

7. Sept [Reviews - 12] (1476 words)
I'll be out of town for the holidays - sans internet, unfortunately. The next update *should* be posted on Jan 2nd. Happy holidays everyone and enjoy watching the Christmas special for me!

The Doctor and Rose return to the Shrine....

8. Huit [Reviews - 11] (1743 words)
Thank you everyone for your kind reviews! It's really nice to see them when I'm struggling with a new chapter. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and Happy 2008!

Huit: The Sisters have tested their newly reformulated soporific on Rose...

9. Neuf [Reviews - 10] (2068 words)
Another wrench is thrown in the works...

10. Dix [Reviews - 9] (1999 words)
Thank you everyone for your kind reviews - both here and on my fic journal. They are greatly appreciated!

Dix: Seducing a Time Lord....

11. Onze [Reviews - 14] (2236 words)
Onze: 'Kiss me, I'm dying....'

12. Douze [Reviews - 9] (1874 words)
Douze: 'You share a bond and he needs you.'

13. Treize [Reviews - 11] (1932 words)
I continue to be humbled by the amazing response to this story - thank you so much for all of the kind reviews!

Treize: Gallifreyan comfort...and a discovery.

14. Quatorze [Reviews - 5] (1936 words)
Quatorze: Rose remembers, and some trouble with timelines....

15. Quinze [Reviews - 8] (1868 words)
Quinze: Une danse pour deux....

16. Seize [Reviews - 8] (2163 words)
Seize: Une danse continue pour deux....

17. Dix-Sept [Reviews - 10] (2241 words)
Dix-Sept: A visit and a visitor....

18. Dix-Huit [Reviews - 6] (2096 words)
Thank you everyone for your continued kind reviews - they are greatly appreciated!

Dix-Huit: In which there is confusion and a misunderstanding.

19. Dix-Neuf [Reviews - 1] (2000 words)
Dix-Neuf: A visit to Sister Valna's laboratory and constructing some barriers....

20. Vingt [Reviews - 11] (2420 words)
Vingt: Sitting target....

21. Vingt et Un [Reviews - 7] (1919 words)
Vingt et Un: In which the Doctor has a plan, and Rose has kittens.

22. Vingt-Deux [Reviews - 8] (2181 words)
Vingt-Deux: In which the Doctor's clever plan goes awry....

23. Vingt-Trois [Reviews - 8] (2166 words)
Vingt-Trois: The aftermath of the Doctor's clever plan....

24. Vingt-Quatre [Reviews - 9] (2057 words)
Vingt-Quatre: A cool body was snuggled up to her front, its head pressed to her breast and even breaths penetrating her robe to tickle her skin....

25. Vingt-Cinq [Reviews - 9] (1780 words)
Vingt-Cinq: In which there is a bath and some contemplation....

26. Vingt-Six [Reviews - 7] (2798 words)
Vingt-Six: In which there is a confession and someone's kink is discovered....

27. Vingt-Sept [Reviews - 6] (1841 words)
Vingt-Sept: "J-just to make sure I'm understanding correctly - sorry, still a bit fuzzy," he stammered, shyly looking up into her eyes. "You're to be the designated driver, then?"

28. Vingt-Huit [Reviews - 8] (1944 words)
Vingt-Huit: "Do your worst, Rose Tyler."

29. Vingt-Neuf [Reviews - 7] (1657 words)
Vingt-Neuf: Seeking the Doctor....

30. Trente [Reviews - 16] (2006 words)
And so we reach the end. Thanks again to my wonderful betas who made this story so much better than what it would have otherwise been; and also thanks to all those of you who took the time to leave such kind comments. They are greatly appreciated. And without further ado....

Trente: Of bondings, matings and departures.