So, You Wanted to Get Hitched?

by Angelbev21 [Reviews - 119]

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  • Action/Adventure, Het

The Doctor stirred first, quickly waking to darkness. He felt her next to him, one arm draped across his chest, snoring gently, her breath coming easy in the low light coming in through the window. He kissed her brow and smelled her hair, smelling of lavender and honey, and started gathering his thoughts.

Yes, rabbits with teeth. Hhhmmm. A solid, trans-dimensional elemental shade in a hotel haunted by dead poker players. This called for some investigating before Rose woke. He didn't need her in the thick of things any more than necessary. He felt more guilt than he would readily admit in taking his intended to a vacation of hellish proportions and needed to make it right as fast as possible. He moved her arm off his chest and laid it by her side and brushed her temple with his fingers, sending a quick telepathic command. 'Sleep.'

Her only response was rolling over and placing her hand where he'd laid, still warm from his body and she smiled in her sleep. He looked at her and his hearts skipped a beat and drew a deep breath, not wanting to leave her side yet knowing he had too. He pulled the covers to her shoulder and decided to stay a few moments more to study her features, like he used to do, in the old days.

She still looked like she had when she was with him before they'd parted, despite her physical age of 65 years. Back then, many a night he would quietly open the door and stand at her doorway, hands in his pockets, as he watched her sleep. He dared not go in for he would have been too tempted to stay, unable to tell her he loved her and yet, needing to have her by his side even as she lay in dreamtime.

His Rose. So young, yet so strong, caring the mantle of being the Timelords' Companion and did it so well, as if it were second nature and with wisdom beyond her years. Many times he'd wondered, as she lay there, whether a higher power had fated this very human being into being the Bad Wolf, allowing her to survive when even he couldn't withstand the power of the Heart of his T.A.R.D.I.S.. Was it really T.A.R.D.I.S. that had transformed her? Was she truly the lifemate that would help him fight the Fight? Were there really angels, as humans believed, helping him in his travels, knowing his penchant for aiding humans in their destiny? Could there really be a God of all Gods, directing his travels, allowing him to go where he was most needed, righting all the wrongs?

He brushed a lock of hair away from her cheek and decided his answers would never be revealed unless proven by science, by facts, by the very nature of touch and sense and smell. No God had ever proven their worth in his eyes, those self-proclaimed Gods of all his travels that would rather weild the power, glory and death and take rather than give. If there had been a real God of all Gods, why would it have let him live whilst all of his people perished? What grand design could have been so important to be left the only Timelord in existence against the whole of the universe? And yet...

His reward lay before him, breathing deep in sleep, transformed by the very Heart that nearly took his own life. Another Gallifreyan, albeit genetically altered, but she was his own Eve to his Adam, brought back from an alternate universe that wasn't supposed to spit her back. The odds of her return were more than astronomical, more than coincidence. Was this supposed to make him believe in this God of all Gods that protected these humans? Was he supposed to believe in angels because she existed and returned to him to end his lonely vigil of a life longer than legendary Methusala? Would it ever be possible for him to actually change his beliefs beyond all his teachings and self truth?

He shook his head and decide all these questions, though valid, would probably never be answered and maybe they weren't supposed too. Maybe he was supposed to just take what was given to him and not question, which conflicted with everything that made him the Doctor. Maybe he was supposed to laugh and joke as Rose had when he'd told her of her complete transformation to Gallifrayan physiology. Memory teased him then, as she'd even called him Adam, teasing him with the apple bit but was he really all for the 'apple?' He wasn't questioning the need to marry her, but what if she'd announce one day that she was with child? Could he handle this miracle given to him a second time in life when he felt he had no right to it? The guilt from being the bringer of death to all of his people, his very own children, tasted bitter to his soul, even now, like the loneliness that clung to him like the specter it was.

He rubbed away the wetness that was felt on a cheek and was angry with himself for getting carried away from task like this. What was done was done and he had no right to cross his own timelines and create paradoxes to his own benefit. A self-proclaimed God he was not and would never be. His reality was breathing in quiet sleep before him and this he accepted without question, for he could touch her and taste her and smell her in and was as real as his laws of science and fact demanded. Questioning the existence of this God and the return of his Rose was the least of his musings as a very real evil wandered the halls of this very hotel and it demanded his immediate attention.

Angels and Gods be damned for now, as he got up and quietly changed clothes. He needed answers and he had a feeling he knew exactly where to go. With a last look checking on his Rose, he closed the door and headed for the Lobby, sonic screwdriver armed and questions ready for an unsuspecting overnight manager.

Rose awoke, hours later, the sunshine from the morning sun crossing her pillow and shining into her eyes, making her squint. She rubbed her face, trying to work the sleep from her eyes and realized her nose still hurt and she was hungry. More than hungry, she was ravenous and looked around for food, only to discover the T.A.R.D.I.S. in the middle of the room, sandwiched between the sofa and the bed. She ignored the plate of food that sat on the nightstand behind her in her curiousity.

"He didn't...."

She scrambled across the bed as best she could with her injured hand and opened the door. She peaked in and saw him standing at the controls, intent on reading the information on the screen. She smiled and folded her arms, watching him for a few moments and decided to speak as he continued to work, seemingly oblivious to her presence. "Hey, gorgeous, I thought you were going to sleep?"

He looked up, his glasses hanging at the end of his nose and smiled at her. "Good morning to you, too, and I did. Have you eaten?"

She stepped in and closed the door and walked up the ramp to stand beside him. He looked at her face with concern and automatically grabbed for the uninjured hand and squeezed it. "No, I haven't and I'm ravenously hungry but I was too damned curious to find out why you'd bring T.A.R.D.I.S. to our hotel room." She kissed his check and leaned her head on his shoulder, trying to see what he was doing. It was obvious he was running some scans, but some of the readouts she couldn't quite interpret.

"What have you found out so far, or do I really want to know this early in the morning?"

"Well, go eat, and I'll fill you in on the complete picture." He kept looking at her nose and reconsidered. "But, on second thought,I want to run you into Infirmary to make sure you're OK. Think your stomach can wait another five minutes?"

In response, her stomach growled on its own. She looked down at it and then back at him. "I guess that's your answer?"

He put his arm on her shoulders and guided her toward the Infirmary. "I think it can wait. Come on."

"You realize you're starving me? On purpose?"

He looked down at her over the top of his glasses. "Have you seen your face?"

She looked to the ceiling and then down at her feet. "Oh. I'm so going to make that thing pay. How bad?"


They made it to the Infirmary and he pulled her to the bed, clicking on the monitor as he spoke. "Come on, hop up, times' wasting."

Rose smiled and saluted him left-handed. "Aye, aye, Doctor, sir!" He just smiled and kept pushing buttons, intent on getting the medical readings.

She hopped up and sat patiently, swinging her feet as she tried to peak at what he was seeing. "Well? I've just got a cut and contusion, right? No broken bones and nothing serious?"

He looked at her sideways, smiling. "Yes, Doctor Tyler, so far so go-" Something caught his eye on the monitor and he squinted at it, shoving his glasses closer to his face. "Hello, what's this?"

"That's not supposed to be there, that enzyme-protein matrix usually isn't there unless one was.." His eyebrows hit his hairline and he slowly turned his head to stare at her.

"What? Am I about to implode? Grow five heads? Turn to a gaseous state and haunt you the rest of your natural-born lives?" Rose smiled as she was joking, but it slowly disappeared the more he stared at her.

"Uh, uhm, no, not quite."

"Then, what's wrong?" She leaned forward to get a better peak and he shoved the monitor away from view as his adam's apple struggled in his throat to stay still as he tried to formulate words. He looked at her as if she had grown two heads and she made swipe for the monitor herself in an attempt to find out what he was looking at, but he moved it a few more inches further away. She started getting annoyed from his mysterious behavior and let him know it, putting both hands on her hips.

"Doctor, this isn't a game. What does that monitor say? You know I know how to read it, I had enough practice on you."

He took a deep breath and remained silent, ignoring the monitor and watched her. He reached out for her hands and she gave them, complete worry etching her features.

'Please forgive me?' He begged her with his eyes, saying what his lips couldn't. He knew he had to speak as her worried look depended.

"Rose, love....ah, when was the time you lasted had your courses?"

Rose looked to the ceiling and sighed. "Is that all? I got my last degree in 2035, I've taken a few refresher courses.."

"No! Ah, uhm, no, that's not what I mean. I mean, when was the last time you actually had a menstrual period?" He waited for her answer, his eyebrows raised as he questioned her, his own disbelief evident on his face.

"Oh, bother! I don't know, 20 some-odd years ago? Menopause was pretty brutal, you can ask my men. I gave a them a good go-round when I had a hot flash. Why?" She couldn't figure out what he was trying to imply. Had she developed a new and otherwise unknown malady from all of her recent energy use?

The Doctor took a deep breath and said words he hadn't said in years to anyone and trying hard to find the words. "The monitor indicates..."

"Oh, for Rassilon's Sake! Let me see!" She took her hand out of his and grabbed for the monitor and turned it to read it.

"Heartrate, blood pressure, Protein-enzyme matrix indicative of-WHAT?"

It was Rose's turn for her eyebrows to hit her hairline in surprise as she read the readout. "Pregnant? Pregnant? Impossible! I'm 65 years old-"

"In a body that's healthy and 23, for all intents and purposes, Rose."

She raised a shakey hand to her forehead and rubbed the spot where a headache was trying to form.

"This, I mean, I'm not ready, we're not even married, no date set, we've got a rampant evil to vanquish, we're supposed to be on holiday, I haven't eaten yet, I'm 65 five years old.."

"No. You. are. not. This is my fault," He looked down and took back the hand she took away and held it tight, his voice cracking as he spoke. "I should have calculated the possibility when I ran the initial tests, taken precautions..."

"Bloody Hell!" She jumped off the table and yanked her hands back and stepped away from him and the monitor, giving herself space between him and her as she tried to calm down. She could see his hurt and feel it from the link or whatever they shared, but it was hard trying to wrap her mind around this.

The silence stretched into seconds, then into minutes as she tried to think and come to terms, and the Doctor, unsure of what to do, looked to the floor and put his hands in his pockets.

"I better get to the control room..."

"No you don't, you're going to stand right there and look at me."

The tone of her voice was commanding and demanding and this was a Rose he'd never dealt with before. He stood there and looked at her, waiting.

"When you ran the initial scans of my blood from my jacket, how close was I to being perfect Gallifreyan stock? On a scale of one to ten, please?" She stopped rubbing the spot where the headache formed. It wasn't going away.

"98.925, with a variance of factor 2."

"Variance of factor 2?" She stood there and ran the numbers in her head over and over and tried not to hyperventilate. "Did you ever consider the variance you speak of might cause some kind of negative factor if I were to ever give birth, being the fact you proposed to me and all?"

The Doctor looked away and at the walls, anywhere but her and her eyes. "No, I was just so happy you were you and you were back and that you survived everything, I just.." A finger stopped his words and he looked down to see her looking up at him, tears in her eyes. His hearts broke that he'd done this to her. He went to say something but she stopped him.

"Sssh. Stop. Breathe. We need to stop and breathe and think. You're not completely at fault here. I should have thought as well, considering I'm the one venting all this time vortex energy all over the place stopping universes from crashing. I'm going to take the blame for this one, love. I should have realized that my little variances in genetic code might cause me to be fertile, to be a true Gallifreyan, but how true am I going to be to our child if I birth him or her with a birth defect, just because I used my talents one too many times?"

The Doctor's arms found their way around her and she let him hold her, burying her face in his shoulder and trying not to cry. Crying wouldn't do. 'Stop it, Rose,' she thought to herself, 'pull yourself together. This isn't helping him and or you.'

'I heard that, Love.' He thought back at her and she raised her head and looked into his eyes.

"We're going to do what we've always done, right? Find the answers, deal and keep going on, right?" She whispered, her voice going lower as she spoke. "Kipling's 'Thousandth Man,' right? 'Ours is not to question why, ours is but to do or die?' We soldier on, we have to, we've only got each other."

He brought her head back to his shoulder and rocked her, the tears in his own eyes threatening to spill. "We've only got each other and we're enough."

"Damn straight!" Came her muffled reply and he had to laugh despite his tears. She lifted her head and put both hands on his chest, not breaking his hold on her. "Look, Daddy, we've got a demon to kill. I'm going to go eat and get showered and dressed and your going to fill me in on our plan of attack when I'm done, OK?"

He closed his eyes and kissed her forehead, running his hands through her hair. "Yes. By your command, Mama-kins, Mama-san, Mommy dearest."

"Ha!" She wiped her eyes and stepped back and gave him a shakey smile. "Yup, that's right, look who wears the pants in this family. Going now, see you in a bit."

She rushed past him and out the door, the scent of her hair still linging behind her and he grabbed a chair and sat with a thud. He rubbed his face and then the back of his neck to relieve the tension there and it finally hit him. After all was said and done, he was a Dad. Again. A father. He slowly smiled and then laughed. He looked at the walls of his ship. "Brilliant! Look girl, we're going to have another permanent passenger! Did you really know what you were doing? But of course you did, didn't you? Why do I get a feeling everything's going to work itself out? We're going to have to call you God-mother now, aren't we? Literally, aren't we?"

He laughed harder and got up, shaking his head as he made his way to the control room. The only thing he could here was her sing-song response that sounded for all the world like 'I-told-you-so.'