So, You Wanted to Get Hitched?

by Angelbev21 [Reviews - 119]

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  • Swearing
  • Action/Adventure, Het

Chapter 20-The Efforts of Conversion

Rose and the Doctor stepped out of the T.A.R.D.I.S. into weak sunlight, the surface of the moon sparsely populated by trees and grass, boulders and rough terrain in the distance. The colors of vegetation were slightly off, but after travelling with the Doctor so long, Rose barely noticed. They waited a few minutes but nothing happened. Her ‘spidey’ sense was tingling, yet nothing was strong enough for her to zero in on. She held his hand and he didn't complain as he scanned the terrain. Seeing nothing, he pulled out his sonic screwdriver but Rose stopped him with a tug. There! She felt it and it made her eyes glow their familiar yellow, and she controlled it, careful not to let the energy spread to her hand that touched the Doctor.

"No, Doctor, we don't need that. I can feel him." She closed her eyes and concentrated. "He's close, very close. It's like his presence makes reality ripple and, God! I didn't want to have to feel this again but evil is just dripping off him. Maybe not pure evil like what we encountered on Krop Tor, but it's bad." She leaned her head to one side and closed her eyes, sensing the direction.

"Hang tight."

He turned and placed his other hand on hers, making a complete link with her. "Let me see, Rose. Let me in."

Her eyes returned to their normal chocolate brown and she nodded her head. She opened up to him then and he felt what she felt and it was by no means pleasant. It wanted to make his stomach flip but he controlled the urged and helped her focus on his location. It then occurred to him that they didn't feel the White Guardian. Where was he, he promised....

"Just like him to weasel out, Doctor." The words were harsh and cutting, and made both he and Rose wince from the pain of contact. He opened his eyes then and found the Black Guardian a mere five feet away, floating in his true form, a dark mass of energy that, like a black hole, seemed to suck in the light that surrounded it. Rose saw it at the same time and backed up and instinctively looked around for the White Guardian, nearly in a panic, and then it came to her. The truth hit her in the gut. He wasn’t going to show. That was the plan all along. They were the sheep to the slaughter. They were bait for the trap and it didn’t matter whether they’d be eaten or not, as long as the Black bastard got his.

Rose took a deep breath and ran a hand through her hair, squaring her shoulders and called the Eternals ever name in the book. She decided if they wanted to watch her and the Doctor die, then she’d give them a damned good show. She stepped in front of the Doctor and took her position.

“What are you doing, woman!” He trying dragging her back but she stood her ground.

“He’s not coming, Doctor. We’re on our own. Leave it be and let me handle this. If they want us dead, I’m going to give them a show they’ll be talking about for centuries.”
“Rose, that’s not the plan. What about Gallifreya? Jack? You! Damn it, we have to live for them. There’s got to be another answer.” He grabbed her arm and she threw it off, getting angry.

“I’m a warrior, Doctor, remember? Do my duty. Protect the earth, save humanity-“She lowered her voice for emphasis, “save my Doctor, save my daughter. It’s all the same in the end, blood for blood.”

She turned away from the Doctor and tried to forget the haunted look in his eyes as she addressed her foe. “Blackie boy, we don’t need the White guy to protect us. We know you’re here for us and we’re going to settle the score, right now. You’re not getting the Doctor unless you go through me.” With this she raised her arms halfway and she called upon the energy that had just been renewed and felt it crackle from her hair follicles to her toes, and she smiled. The Doctor backed up and tried to shield his eyes from her light.

“Well, well, well. The She Wolf has come out to play, has she? You’ll be a tender morsel in my teeth.” The Black Guardian manifested into full form, resembling the guise he kept from the hotel. He put his hands on his hips and his eyes sparkled black and he smiled. “Doctor, still want to reel her in? This is your last chance to save the Bitch? Or should I just have my way with her while you watch? ” >
The Doctor stopped trying to convince Rose, a look of pure anger cast his face in a dower scowl and he turned around, fire in his eyes. “What did you say?”

Unbeknownst to the three outside the T.A.R.D.I.S., they were being watched. Jack was watching from the T.A.R.D.I.S.’s monitors and the Eternals were watching from their own mount on high, safely out of range of the Black Guardian’s senses.

They watched as Jack reacted to that statement, their energy pulsing with their emotions.

“Doctor, it’s a ploy, a freakin’ trick! Don’t play into it! Come on, Doc! Rose, see it for what it is.” They watched as he held onto the control panel with hands, clutching it with frustration. He looked over at the baby and she slept, blissfully unaware. “Hold on to your knickers, kid. It’s good you’re in dreamland.”

Red turned to White, concern laced his voice. “White, are you sure this is how you want to handle this? You know how vulnerable they are down there.”

White just nodded his head. “Let them be for now. The time isn’t right. Rose has already figured out the situation. She knows I’m not going to show, she just doesn’t know that I really will, only after she’s handled him. Only then will he be weak enough for us to move in. Gold, are you prepared to bring them back if they cross over?”

Gold hovered to his left and pulsed her consent. “Yes, White.”

“Good. Let’s be patient, then, shall we?”

They all pulsed brighter as they said one word, “Indeed.”

Rose didn’t want the Doctor to get in the way and she knew what the Black Guardian was doing. Mind games to psych out your opponent was as old as the hills and she let him know it.

“Old trick, Blackie. Psych games don’t work on me and the Doctor is too smart to play along. So, are we going to play or are you just gabbing along till you work up the strength for the task? Somebody your age ought to be taking Geritol or something, yeah? Or…Oi! Wait! Maybe you need a little Eternal-sized Viagra to get your groove on, huh?”

Oh, that did it. She watched his reaction and his visage turned blacker than black. He swung back his arm and a ball of energy formed and she strengthened her energy. “Doctor, MOVE!”

The Doctor saw the ball of energy whizz pass and he instinctively ducked, hitting Rose squarely in the chest. She was knocked back a couple of inches but held her ground.

“My turn, Asshole!” She summoned as much power that she’d ever used and flung it at him, watching him as he swung around and nearly went down, his clothes beginning to smolder and spark.

He got to his feet and started laughing, brushing himself off. “Well, the Bitch does have a bite. I’m impressed, just, not impressed enough.” He shot another bolt of energy that hit Rose and knocked her off her feet, landing her on her back, making dust fly.

“Rose!” The Doctor tried to get to her but he was caught by a hand on his shirt collar, the other coming around to grab his throat. He was yanked backward by his hair and the hand started to close around his throat, making it hard to breath.

“Doctor, do you think I’m going to let your bitch take all the pleasure of me killing you with my own two hands? I’m not going to allow you to regenerate. I have enough power to take that all away just so I can watch you take your last breath. And you will, because I want it and despite your meddling, I do get what I want.” He yanked the Doctor’s head back, forcing him to look at Rose, who was struggling to get to her feet.

‘Ah, ah, ah. Rose. I wouldn’t move if I were you. I’ve got your precious Doctor now and I’m not letting him go. Watch me, Rose. Watch me carefully. Are you watching, Rose?”

The Doctor’s eyes pleaded with Rose not to move, not to come close. ‘Doctor, he’s going to kill you! One wrong move!’

The Doctor smiled a small smile and sent one thought, only one and it made her heart turn to ice. ‘Rose, I’m already dead. I love you.’

“No! No! Black, don’t you dare! I’m warning you…”

The Black Guardian jerked his arm up and with a sickening crack, broke the Doctor’s neck and turned his head away from Rose, so that all he saw in his dying sight was the smirking face of the Black Guardian.

His mental scream nearly deafened Rose and she clutched her head as his last words echoed in her head. ‘Oh, my Rose…’

The Guardian started laughing as his hand that held his throat went down to his chest and began glowing and it seemed the Doctor’s body was becoming smaller, more shriveled and then, he let him fall to the ground, his body hitting it with a sickening thud.

Rose was on her knees and she couldn’t move. She was too numb. The shock of his death rocked her very soul and suddenly she felt like part of her was missing and realized that was where the Doctor had been for all those years, imbedded in her soul like her twin, he was her soul mate and now he was gone.

There was such a harrowing void, that Rose Tyler, Defender of the Earth, completely and utterly lost it. She keened her pain into the winds of the moon as the Black Guardian laughed harder and louder and she smacked the earth with all the physical strength she had and demanded revenge.
She got up then, slowly, and when the Black Guardian stopped laughing he realized that Rose Tyler didn’t stand before him…It was the Bad Wolf, incarnate. Her form was barely humanoid as she converted to pure energy in her rage and pain and when she spoke, there was only the voice of the Wolf.

“Black Guardian, you will exist no more. You have murdered Rose Tyler’s mate, and that act is unforgiveable.”

Jack stood in front of the monitor and watched in shock, unable to move, unable to process what he’d just seen. “Oh, my God. No. Really, no. No.” He turned as Gallifreya started wailing, as if in pain, and he stumbled over to her and picked her up from her stroller, trying to comfort her. She continued to cry and Jack realized she felt the pain of her father dying and Rose was going to be next. His throat became choked as he tried to comfort her but he knew it would do no good. Rose was next and he was losing his last best friend in the world. “This wasn’t supposed to happen. Rose, Doctor, this wasn’t supposed to happen.”

The Guardians watched the Doctor’s body fall into the dust and Gold became manifest, his/her face showing concern. “White, tell me it’s time, please.”

White manifested as well, and the others did the same. He smiled at them and swung the purple collar up and caught it with a fingertip. “Why, yes, Gold. It’s time.”

The Bad Wolf let loose all the energy at its disposal in its effort to destroy the Black Guardian. The Black Guardian was caught unawares and stumbled back but caught his balance and morphed into his own energetic form as he shot his energy back at her, the onslaught of energies making the air sizzle with its intensity.

For minutes it went on and suddenly it stopped and with it the returned eyesight of one Jack Harkness. He struggled to look for Rose in the monitor, but there was so much energy in the air, the atmosphere rippled as if on a hot summer’s day. He then saw bodies. Bodies in the dust and Gallifreya wailed even louder. His worst nightmare was broadcast to him by the pixels of the monitor and he couldn’t watch anymore, he struggled to the jump seat to sit as he fought the urge to break something, anything in half. He stared down at little Galliffeya and wished for all the world he still had the power to change back time. This was one of those moments that weren’t supposed to happen, it just wasn’t and his gut knew it.

So intense was Jack that he failed to notice movement on the monitor. The Guardians manifested in the battlefield, placing the collar of purple around the neck of the Black Guardian and Gold moved in and began to heal them both, the Doctor and Rose. Their bodies became animated as life was returned and then were lifted into the air and levitated by Gold to the doors of the T.A.R.D.I.S. and gently set down for Jack to find.

All but White then left with the Body of the Black Guardian. He stood long enough to leave a telepathic message with Jack, who stood stock still.

‘Jack Harkness, you can stop grieving. Allow Gallifreya to rest and come tend to Rose and the Doctor at the doors of the T.A.R.D.I.S. I am a being of my word. I have made sure to restore them and the Black Guardian is now under our control. I’ll contact you all soon, very, soon.’

“What?” He sat Gallifreya back down in her stroller and ran to the doors to find the Doctor and Rose breathing and very much alive.

“Well, I’ll be damned!” He knelt down and felt for pulses and found them, beating hard and steady, right where they should be. He placed a hand to both of their cheeks and said a pray of thanks to all one hundred and two gods he knew by heart and then brought them into the T.A.R.D.I.S., one by one.

“Welcome home, you two. Welcome Home.”