So, You Wanted to Get Hitched?

by Angelbev21 [Reviews - 119]

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  • All Ages
  • Swearing
  • Action/Adventure, Het

Author's Notes:
Well, here's the latest chapter and twenty is in prep, it looks like it'll be ready in about 48 hours. I hope you enjoy, and thanks for taking the time to read.

Rose finished breakfast, fed the baby and ended up in the library, wheeling Gallifreya along in her stroller. The Doctor hovered close, trying to keep his worry to himself, but Rose felt it in the link they shared. She knew if the Doctor was worried, this was real trouble and it didn't sit well with her. Mentally, she squared her shoulders, and grabbed the acoustic guitar that lay forgotten on a table and started strumming it absently, lost in her thoughts. She felt something, no…someone.

‘Hello, my dear! I was wondering when you’d find me out.’

Rose continued to strum, almost not surprised that the White Guardian stood guard somewhere outside the walls. ‘Hello, Guardian. You’re protecting us?’

‘Indeed, I am. I’m a being of my word.’ She got the impression he was hovering very close. ‘I understand you healed me. Thank you.’

‘Think nothing of it, my little fireball. From what I gathered from your memories, I quite literally put you through hell, and I’m very sorry for that. As I told the Doctor, it wasn’t anticipated. The Black Guardian is more powerful than even I anticipated. That’s why I asked your intended to allow me to use you as bait. I and the other Guardians are very prepared in our intent to handle him, but if he knew we were close, he’d run. The last thing an Eternal of Chaos wants is to be controlled.’

‘Understandable, and you knew I was a warrior-‘

‘Now, my dear, please don’t sell yourself short. You’re one of the greatest Warriors humanity has ever produced, whether in here or in Pete’s World. Zeke was very proud of his Aunt, because he knew you could take care of yourself.’

Rose stopped strumming as she realized what he’d said. ‘Pete’s World? Zeke? Have you been reading my mind? How do you know that’s what I called it? Who ARE you?’

She felt him gently laugh, and responded, ‘I’m someone who cares very deeply about you Rose, more than I should. If I admit anything else, I’d be breaking a couple of Eternal rules, which are about as stringent as Universal Laws.’

Rose started strumming again, not caring what she played, as she thought about what he said. ‘Other than being bait, are you expecting the Doctor or I to run into any other problems? How strong is the Black Guardian?’

She felt him shrug. ‘Suffice it to say, he’s strong enough. Rose, we have fashioned, what I jokingly call, a cosmic collar. We’re going to attach it around his neck so that he will be bound to use only so much and will stop him cold, if he attempts anything else. Call it a damper, if you will, but he needs to manifest so that we can attach it properly.’

‘And, that’s where we come in. You’re sure we’re not going to be harmed?’

‘Most definitely. I wish nothing more than for ‘Action Rose’ to have her holiday and get married and enjoy her family, not exactly in that order.’

‘Speaking of marriage, White Guardian? You’re so knowledgeable, is there a place we can go to have it done properly, other than earth? I don’t think the Doctor would like to go back to Gallifrey, you understand why…’

‘Regrettably so. Well…I’d like to suggest something, if you don’t mind?’

She raised an eyebrow. ‘Really, what?’

‘May I have the honor of marrying you off to the Doctor? I won’t be breaking any laws, I promise. Look at it as your friendly, neighborhood Eternal performing a service. I’ll choose the place. You may dress appropriately. Fair enough?’

Rose stopped breathing for a second and quickly glanced at the Doctor, whose attention was momentarily diverted with the baby.

‘You’re serious?’

The Guardian laughed. ‘What is one of your earth sayings? Ah, yes, as serious as a heart attack. We’ve gotten off to a rough start, you and me, but I want to atone. Please let me.’

A few moments passed and she remembered to breath. Taking a breath, she closed her eyes and then opened them and still, she felt him in her mind, waiting.

‘Yes.’ There, she said it. She felt a weight lift as she realized that the
feelings she had been dealing with, dread, anxiety, fear, oh, God the fear that everything was going to fall apart at the seams, that she would lose the Doctor again after so long apart, came crashing down. Everything became crystal. She felt weightless with the realization that they would really have a life together, a good life, and one that was going to last beyond the Black Guardian.

‘Yes, Rose. You will have a good life. Thank you. Now, let me attend to other matters. I’ll let you know when he’s close. And you’ll let me know on the date?’

‘Yes. Yes, of course. Thank you, Guardian.’ She felt his presence depart and she took a seep breath and closed her eyes and processed the conversation over and over in her head, making sure she wouldn’t forget.

The Doctor said nothing as he watched her, remembering the first time he saw her sitting there, strumming the electrical guitar, lost in her thoughts…Gods, was that only a week ago?

Gallifreya seemed to like the music and she kicked her feet as Rose strummed another chord.

“Love, why don’t you play a lullaby for Gallefreya? She seems to like your playing.” She looked up as he went over and picked her up from her stroller she was sitting in and cradled her in his arms, as he settled down in a stuffed chair, looking for the entire world that he’d been doing this all his life. Rose smiled at them both, a feeling of contentment settling about her like a warm, soft blanket.

“You think so? I don’t know…a lullaby? Hhhmmm…” Rose smiled at her daughter and grabbed a toe. “Sweetheart, you want to hear Mummy play?” Gallifreya kicked her foot in response and Rose laughed. “OK. Alright. Such a demanding audience.” She thought for a second, and then strummed a chord, looking down at the fret as she did so.

“Well, this isn’t a lullaby, but I always thought it was sweet. A sweet old love song. Doctor, do you know ‘Man of La Mancha?’”

“The musical? I believe so, why?”

“I always liked it, it reminded me of you, the first time I saw it.”

The Doctor smiled. “Dreaming impossible dreams, am I?”

“Well, you are ‘The Doctor’” She emphasized his name as if she describing an astounding revelation. The Doctor laughed at her, saying, “And you’re the ‘Big Bad Wolf,’ miss. You’ve got competition.”

She raised an eyebrow and nodded her head at him, “And, you better remember that, Oh, ‘Oncoming Storm.’”

“Duly noted, Ma’am.”

She started to strum a tune and the Doctor took a moment, but finally recognized it. Something about a bird?

Unknown to both of them, Jack came in from tinkering with the T.A.R.D.I.S. and settled into another stuffed chair and put his feet up on a table, smiling, listening and enjoying Rose’s singing.

“Little Bird, Little Bird in the Cinnamon tree,
Little bird, Little Bird do you sing for me,
Do you bring me word, of one I know,
Little bird, Little Bird please fly, please go,
Little bird, Little bird I love him so,
Little Bird, Little Bird…….”

“Beneath this tree, this cinnamon tree,
We learned to love, We learned to cry;
For here we met and here we kissed,
And here one cold and moonless night,
We said goodbye

“Little Bird, Little Bird, Oh have pity on me,
Bring him back to me now, ‘Neath the cinnamon tree
I have waited too long, without a song.
Little bird, little bird, Please fly, please go
Little bird, little bird, And tell him so.
Little bird, little bird. Little bird, little bird ……,”

Gallifreya was kicking her feet and gnawing on a fist but slowly stopped and fell asleep in the Doctor’s arms as Rose sang the last word.

“That was beautiful, Rosie, but I thought that was supposed to be about a girl?” Jack put his feet down and leaned on his knees as he waited for her answer.

Rose put down the guitar. “Poetic license, Dearie. I’m the one with the guitar.”

“When did you learn how to play? You played that like you’ve been doing it for years.”

Rose leaned back in her chair, her eyes meeting the Doctor’s, and she let him see the long years of her past that shown there. “I have, Jack.”

“Well, do you play anything else?”

“I can play the daylights out of a piano. That was the first instrument I picked up when I started playing.”

“When was that?”

“In my thirties.”

That brought Jack up short and he looked down. “Uh, right, sorry Rose. I keep forgetting you’re almost as old as I am.”

“Nifty, huh?” Rose just smiled and gave the Doctor a mental hug and he reciprocated, making Rose sigh. He got up and put the baby back into her stroller and reclined it so she would lie more comfortably and reached out a hand to Rose, looking up at the T.A.R.D.I.S’s walls. “Old girl, play me a song to dance to.” Suddenly, a slow song came on the loudspeakers and Rose got up, taking his hand in hers and he swept her into his arms. “Shall we?”

Rose gave him a megawatt smile and laughed. “Most, definitely, my beloved.”

They waltzed for a few seconds and Jack, the baby; everything disappeared as they only had eyes for each other. The Doctor held her close, enjoying the feel of her body as she moved in time with his. “Well?”

She was lost in his eyes as she tried to answer him. “Well, what?”

“Did you have a good session thinking things through?”

She smiled, slowly, then brighter, as she ran the conversation with the Guardian again like a tape recorder. “Yes, it was a very good session.”

“And? Are you going to keep me in the dark, or will I have to tickle you senseless to get it out of you?”

“No, love, but the tickling, I might hold you to it. Promise?”

It was his turn to smile, and he returned it brilliantly. “Oh, yes. Yes, yes, and yes. Tickling for very near future, check.”

“Good. Well, let’s just start with the fact we were supposed to get married, go on holiday and then set a date for the wedding. What we got was hotel from hell, demons, a baby and the Black Guardian coming after us for all our tomorrows and, you know what?”

The Doctor’s smile had disappeared as she spoke, the guilt weighing heavy on his soul. “No, love. What?”

“I’m thankful.” He looked at her like she’d lost her mind and she decided to explain. “What woman can say she’s done anything like what we’ve done their whole lives, and we did it in a week. We are so blessed to have each other, just to be who we are, what we’re meant for. We have the best jobs in the universe and, as soon as we’re done with all this business with the Black Guardian, we’re getting married, tying the knot, getting hitched. I’ve traveled from another universe and came back from the dead and I’m going to be the biggest ball and chain you’ve ever seen, and I expect you to never change, ‘cause you’re perfect. You’re my perfect. I’ve realized we really just can’t wait, because our life together isn’t waiting. It’s happening every day, with every breath we take on whatever planet we end up on. We’re going to survive this mess with the Guardian, we’re going raise our daughter and we’re going to love every moment of it. Agreed?”

The Doctor’s smile came back as her words sunk in. “Yes, Rose Tyler.” He raised a hand to her head, ran his fingers through her hair as and brought his lips to her temple, putting a gentle kiss there. “Oh, yes.”


They both jerked and nearly lost their balance as the sound of something hitting the T.A.R.D.I.S. vibrated the walls. The music came to a screeching halt and Jack shot up, ready for action. The baby started crying and Rose went over to her and picked her up to quiet her, patting her back as she held her close.

All three of them looked toward the ceiling as the White Guardian’s voice echoed in their heads, sounding insanely cheery.

“He’s here. Showtime! Would one of you step out of the ship for a moment, please?”

The Doctor looked at Rose and Jack and made his decision. “I’m the one he wants, I’m walking out. He doesn’t know you Jack and I’d prefer it that way.
You may be able to live forever, but an Eternal has enough power to kill you dead, permanently.”

“I’ve got you’re back, then.” Rose hastily handed over Gallifreya to Jack, who took her protesting, “Rose, for God’s sake, you just came out of Infirmary!”

“And I’m good as new, Jack, better than new. You can’t handle what the Black Guardian may dish out and if anybody is prepared for the Black Twit, It’s me, the Big Bad Wolf herself.” She looked toward the Doctor who just waved his hands and shook his head. “I’m not saying a word, Jack. She knows what she’s doing.”

“Fine, get out there, do what you have to do and get back in here, because I’m not going to be made a Godfather and a foster parent in one day. Understand?”

Rose kissed his cheek and smiled. “Got it, Captain, sir. Come on, Doctor, let’s go red zone. We’ve got a date with a couple of Guardians.” She kissed Gallifreya’s cheek and ran a finger over her cheek. “Be back, sweetheart, before you miss me.” She turned and grabbed the Doctor’s hand and pulled, leading the way.