Wisdom War and Tea

by Angelbev21 [Reviews - 85]

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  • All Ages
  • Swearing
  • Action/Adventure

Good morning, Gorgeous. How do you feel?”

Doctor slowly woke as a hand ruffled through his hair, his ears taking on the sounds around him. The voice, that voice, it was the voice of his dreams, but it can’t be…..

“Rose?” He croaked, his throat parched from the medications. Rose was quick with a cup of water and reached under his head and gently lifted. “Here, this is some water, just take a sip, all those pain meds take their toll…” Once she saw that he did, she set the cup down next to her on the nearby table and slowly lowered him back down on the pillows. He kept looking at her, the shock on his face was complete, yet, he surprised her and he smiled as brilliantly as he could. “My Rose?”

She smiled. “Your Rose.”



“No.” He put an arm behind his head and continued to smile as if he caught the cat catching the canary.

“Yes, and if you say ‘no’ one more time, I’ll pinch you for it for having to repeat myself.” She smiled wide at him but was confused on why he didn't believe his own eyes...They were attached, right?

“You can’t be ‘My Rose’ because she’s in another dimension with no return. I'm hallucinating, that's it. The universe is having a horrid sense of humor at my pain and suffering and why aren’t we at Torchwood?”

Rose sat back and smiled, finally undewrstanding where he was coming from...Well, two could play that game. Crossing her arms, she considered her response. “I don’t know anything about your Torchwood, but, what did Sherlock Holmes always say?”


“If a trash can smells like a trash can, looks like a trash can and feels like a trash can, then usually it’s a trash can. Knowing you, though, you’d probably run a spectro-analysis on it, analyze the results and lick it before you’d proclaim it a trash can.” Her smile broadened when she saw the results of statement reflected on his face.

“He never said that and by the by, he’s a fictional character.” He sniffed and looked at the ceiling then added, "I don't lick everything, just what needs to be analyzed. Scientists do that." "What? Analyze or the licking?"

"Uhm, both." She got up and stood over the bed and leaned over braced herself, until she was 2 inches from his face. She never lost her smile, the mischievous glint making her eyes sparkle. He really looked at her then, taking in ever centimeter of her face. “Well, then. Be Sherlock and analyze me. Lick me.”



She languidly looked over his face and then down to the top of his shirt and then back up, straight into his eyes. “Then how are you going to ascertain a logical conclusion if you refuse to run a preliminary analysis? You’d be defeating the purpose in testing the very theory you’re trying to conclude is not possible when a scientist’s sole purpose is to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

“You don’t even sound like my Rose! Your accent is more…refined.”

“’Your Rose’ has had 45 years of living and learning under her belt and is a laureated Doctor of Physics in her own right. Compared to you, that’s just a high school diploma, but it’s a hell of a better start than being 19 and a high school drop out and constantly saying ‘huh?’ every time you tried to explain something technical to me. Now, Lick me.”

He stared at her, looking over her features and was at a loss for words. “But….you look only about, I don’t know, 23?”

“And you look the same since the last time I saw you but I’m not complaining.”

Before he could respond, she closed the two inches and kissed him, running her tongue along the edge of his lips and then deepened it, tasting him as he was tasting her. She allowed herself a few moments of pleasure before she tried to come up for air but his arms suddenly came up and held her head in his hands, deepening the kiss even further until Rose literally saw stars.

He was scanning her mind and she could feel him opening one door after another, as each memory shifted like photographs in an album and she decided to allow him. She could feel his emotions roiling just under the surface, battling and then finally believing until he came to her memories of her death and he abruptly broke the kiss. He looked straight into her eyes and the pain she saw there was intense. She couldn’t tell whether it was for him or her, yet it was there. He believed. She smiled a sad smile but didn’t move a muscle, waiting.

“By Rasillon…Rose…My Rose.” To her surprise she saw his eyes well with tears and it was enough to make her mist up, too. She did her best not to hurt him as she leaned down to hold him with both arms. “Missed you too, love. I told you forever and am damned stubborn to keep my promises. Didn’t think all I had to do was vacuate my abdominal cavity to do it, or I’d’ve been back sooner.”

She felt him laugh and she sat back and saw the resulting grimace as he suffered a wave of pain.

She gave it a thought and then decided. “Do you want to be well?”

He let out a breath and looked at her, realizing what she was trying to say. “Just because you’ve got the energy Rose, doesn’t mean you just go around and---“

“Oh, now, listen to the lecture when the mighty Timelord becomes the guinea pig?” She got up and turned, putting hands on her hips and made her decision. She turned back and the look in her eyes made him sink further into his pillows. Her eyes were glowing their familiar yellow that, until now, he’d only seen when she destroyed the Daleks. “Rose….you can’t….”

“Oh, yes I can, and I’ve done it before. Just because you can’t handle the power doesn’t mean I can’t. I’ve mutated, Doctor.” She again stood by the bed and looked down at him and the impression she gave was of a Golden Goddess. With each word she spoke, the energy built until even her aura glowed. “You’re just going to have to accept your woman has a talent you haven’t got. You have the brains and I’ll be your brawn, deal?” She held out her hand as if to shake and he looked at it as if it was a snake that would bite. It didn't glow as the rest of her did. Seconds passed and he finally took her hand without saying a word.

“I could have done this before when I got the knife out, but I didn’t want to do it without your permission. Do you understand what I’m saying to you? Can you finally have faith in me that I’m not going to abuse the power T.A.R.D.I.S. gave me? Will you trust me as much as she does?”

His smile was slow in coming, but there it was, and she took it for what it was worth. “Yes.”

Without another hesitation, the energy snaked from her and flowed down her arm and into him quick and precise, and the power of the healing lifted him and raised him two inches off the bed. Before he could take another breath, the energy stopped and she withdrew it slowly, allowing him to settle back down. He tingled all over from it but he never let his eyes leave hers, watching as her eyes went back to normal.

“How do you feel now, my Timelord?” She smiled a small smile, wondering what he was going to say or do next.

He then sat up and swung his feet off the bed, and when he looked up, his smile would have cracked Rasillon’s mirror with its intensity.

“I feel….reborn. My Rose,” he hopped off the bed and stood nose to nose with her, grabbing both of her hands in his. “Will you please fix me a cup of tea and then after that, I plan on snogging you till the equines come home.”
She laughed out loud at that and knew she had to correct him. “That’s Dr. Rose Tyler, Mister and you mean cows, not horses, and if you feel that frisky, you can fix your own cup of tea. It's been 24 houra since I last had a shower and I'm taking one now, since you're better and, when I’m done," she leaned in and whispered into his ear, making him shiver, "you better be prepared to do more than snog.” At that she smiled, gave a wink and walked off, down the corridor and out of sight.

He watched her go. “Gaawww! That’s my Rose!" The it hit him. What he'd waited years to say and he never said it. "Oh, Rassilon, I forgot to tell her I loved her!”

From another part of T.A.R.D.I.S., her voice drifted back to him in response. “I heard that! Don’t worry, I’ll remind you later!”

He stood there and a grin spread from ear to ear. He grabbed his dressing gown and put it on and shoved his hands in its pockets, whistling as he made his way back to the kitchen. Yessirree, this was a good day to almost die. Now where were those teabags?