Wisdom War and Tea

by Angelbev21 [Reviews - 85]

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  • All Ages
  • Swearing
  • Action/Adventure

1. Chapter 1-War [Reviews - 9] (1765 words)
Tho it's woefully so, I don't own the characters of Doctor Who and wish to make no profit from the semi rough use of Borrowing them. I do promise to return them, no worse for the wear. I also humbly dedicate this to CharmingSlayer, for the inspiration and sheer awe of her work.

2. Chapter 2 Beginnings [Reviews - 6] (834 words)
Thank you ever so much for reading and please tell me what you think. Again, I don't own these characters, don't want to make any money off of them, but if it's a crime to love them dearly, I'm a felon for love! (BTW, sorry it's a tad short, but believe me, I'll make up for it later...)

3. Chapter 3-Endings [Reviews - 10] (2610 words)
Again I gain nothing, I own nothing, these aren't my characters but I love them dearly. Please enjoy.

4. Chapter 4-Salvation [Reviews - 9] (1770 words)

5. Chapter 5-Healings [Reviews - 7] (1631 words)

6. Chapter 6-Strategies [Reviews - 6] (2146 words)

7. Chapter 7-Storms on the Horizon [Reviews - 5] (1534 words)

8. Chapter 8-Ultimate Things [Reviews - 6] (1740 words)

9. Chapter 9-Rebirth [Reviews - 9] (1136 words)

10. Chapter 10-Epilogue [Reviews - 18] (2056 words)