1. Prologue [Reviews - 10] (826 words)
A thousand thanks to my beta ann_blue who put up with my last-minute editing and corrected so many stupid spelling mistakes it's embarrassing. This story features Three and Nine, because they are my favourites As such I find them crazy hard to write. Hopefully this story does them justice. Warning, there is darkness in later chapters of the self-harm/attempted suicide variety.

2. Chapter One [Reviews - 0] (1196 words)
Now the real story begins. Thanks for all the reviews so far: they are love.

3. Chapter Two [Reviews - 1] (1311 words)

4. Chapter Three [Reviews - 1] (1097 words)

5. Chapter Four [Reviews - 0] (1238 words)
Here we finally get some Three/Nine interaction. Nine's a bit mouthy in this, you have been warned.

6. Chapter Five [Reviews - 3] (934 words)
The penultimate chapter. It's very dark. This is where the story earns its pg rating guys and it may possibly be triggering. You have been warned.

7. Chapter Six [Reviews - 7] (2318 words)
Because I'm really not as evil as I seem I've decided not to keep you all hanging. Here it is, the end *sob* I really enjoyed writing this one, and appologise for my overuse of the pathetic fallacy in this last chapter. I should also probably say now (before it's over) that I based this entire story on an earlier drabbled located HERE

Many, many thanks to my marvellous beta ann_blue, without whom this probably never would have been finished. Also, thanks to all of you who have reviewed. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.