Sore Thumb

by LostRose [Reviews - 4]

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  • Angst

Author's Notes:
Sorry i smashed my right thumb yesterday in hockey practis, and it's still bruised and hurting.... So I've put the Doctor in the same predicament. WMHAAHAHAHA!!!!!

"OUCH!" a pain staked cry rang through the TARDIS. The Doctor lept up and threw the offending pair of pliers down on the grated TARDIS floor. He shook the angry tears out of his eyes, kicking the dumped pliers out of the way. Gently lifting up his throbbing thumb he had just trapped.

It had been a ordinary day, just playing around with the TARDIS consol when a pair of manic pliers had dropped onto his hand from a carefully designed shelf. The nail on his thumb had quickly started to go a nasty bluey purple and he swore that the nail was crack.

Shaking his thumb violently up and down seemed to ease the pain, but when he stopped it throbbed even harder. Thinking it would help he stuck it in his mouth, but when he pulled it out his teeth caught the sore nail and he let out a yelp.

Another painful yelp was caused when the manik pliers clipped his toe. With his still throbbing thumb he limped down the corridor to the kitchen. There he ran his ingured limb under the tap for at least 15 minuets, well that what it felt like anyway.

Rose walsted in humming when she saw the painstreaked face of the Doctor, seemingly deeply lost in thought as he held a poorly limb under the tap. Feeling mean she stopped humming and crept up on him.

"Exterminate!" she yelled as she jabbed his sides.

He yelled out surprised and jumped about a foot in the air. The poor thumb smashing against the tap.

"YEEOW!!!" he cried, sounding like a cat who's tail had just been stood on. Rose was about to burst out laughing but saw the hurt look on his face. And the anguished victimised digit throbbing on his right hand.

"Oh gods I'm sorry Doctor!" she hurridly replied.

"Sorry doesn't bloody count for it, didn't you want to go to your mums?"

Rose was taken aback from his outburst, it had only ment to be a joke. The angry Doctor stormed out of the kitchen. Rose in tow....