One Last Run

by Stressfactor [Reviews - 11]

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1. Prologue [Reviews - 2] (501 words)

2. Preparation [Reviews - 1] (717 words)
I'm not sure I'm completely pleased with the Doctor's 'voice' in this chapter. I may end up changing some things later

3. Companion Piece [Reviews - 3] (1097 words)
I apologize in advance for Ben's dialogue... Cockney slang is not easy for me to grasp. Also, there is a very different, alternate version of this chapter that I wrote initially but discarded for being a bit too romantic, fluffy, happy ending-y but I'm such a sucker for happy endings that I may write it up and tack it on at the end as an 'extra'.

4. Paying what is Owed [Reviews - 1] (514 words)
Sorry it has taken so long to get back to this. Life always seems to interfere with fun.

5. Re-Gifting [Reviews - 1] (846 words)

6. Every Good Deed [Reviews - 2] (1280 words)

7. Companion Piece - Alternate [Reviews - 1] (1410 words)
I had rather different third chapter in mind originally. After rough drafting it I tossed it aside as too fluffy and happy ending-y. Unfortunately, I'm a sucker for a happy ending and this one just would not let go so I went back to my rough draft and finished it out.