by Akane [Reviews - 2]

  • All Ages
  • Swearing
  • Angst, General

Author's Notes:
I know it's short but I was watching End of Days and Combat and just thought about this.

Ianto sat on the sofa, his head in his hands, his suit jacket lay over the arm of the sofa and his tie hung loose around his neck.
They'd been working no stop for 3 days to find Jack and had no luck. While the others took it in turn to sleep for at least and hour Ianto worked constantly. He checked over the footage of Jack leaping in the air, clinging to the Police Box for dear life at least 70 times.
'It started to disappear before he got there... why didn't he stay?' he thought each time he watched that moment. Everytime Jack and the box disappeared Ianto would let a single tear roll down his cheek before being overcome with shame and hiding away in Jack's quarters.
It comforted him to be there, the smell of Jack was still strong in the room, the bed still a mess from when Jack leaped out of bed that horrible morning at the sound of an unearthly alarm. Ianto followed suit and there they stood, hair a mess, still quite flush in only their boxers watching the screen as they realised the rift had fractured. He'd give anything to have that moment back.

By the time Ianto had finished sobbing his heart out onto one of Jack's shirts Owen, as second in command, sent Tosh and Gwen home. Both relcuntantly but Owen managed to get them to leave. He sat at his desk, watching the CCTV from the Platz, monitering the rift and searching for Jack when Ianto appered from Jack's office.
'Coffee?' he asked. His whole body, expression and voice showing nothing but heartbreak and exhaustion.
'Yeah. That'll be nice thanks.' Owen replied sheepishly and watched as Ianto moved from the main hub to the kitchen.
When Ianto returned with two mugs, full of steamy liquid Owen saw the real Ianto. The mask which he normally wore had been washed away with the tears, leaving Ianto look emotionally and physicallly drained.
Owen grabbed Ianto's wrist and pulled him into a hug gently. The younger man either didn't want to resist or was too tired to and weakily hugged back.
'I am sorry Ianto. I may be a wanker, stupid bastard and all that.' He paused. 'But I know what it is like to loose someone you love. Don't be afraid to show how you really feel ok? It's not something to be ashamed of.' Owen held onto Ianto as he silently sobbed against him.
After a few minutes Ianto drew back form the hug and sniffed.
'Shit. Sorry. I'll get you a clean shirt.'
'Don't matter.' Owen said smiling. 'He'll be back you know.'
'I would bet on it.'
'I would. He's not going to leave us. You.'
'How'd you know that?'
'Well for one... me in charge? Don't talk so wet. And. He loves you Ianto.'
Ianto smiled. 'At least someone thinks so.'
'I know so. He wouldn't have kissed you like that if he didn't.'
Ianto knew Owen was trying to help but couldn't bare this sympathetic and caring side of him. He sighed and walked to his desk.
'Thanks Owen. Drink that' he motioned to the coffee 'and then go home. I'll be fine. Gwen and Tosh'll be here soon. And you should probably rest.'
Owen nodded and downed his coffee.
'He'll be back' he shouted as he walked out the hub. Ianto still not convinced.

Suddenly his phone rang.
'No 10' the screen read.
What does he want? Ianto thought as he answered.
'Ianto Jones. Torchwood 3.'
'Jones? That name!
Anyway! Ianto. This is Harold Saxon'
'PM. What can we do for you?'