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by converse_universe [Reviews - 4]

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Martha Jones walked away from the TARDIS, knowing full well that the man left inside the impossibly large box, was waiting for the door to shut, before he let his ever steady guard down. She knew that what her leaving him meant, he was alone, again. She paused briefly, could she really leave him? Everything he had been through, gaining everything and losing it all over again? What kind of a person was she to just leave him?

“You’re smart” a voice from behind her replied to her thoughts

Martha spun around, to find the Doctor leaning in the doorway of the TARDIS, watching her, a half smile on his face.

“I-I’m sorry, I thought you were in the TARDIS.” Martha replied not quite able to look him in the eye. What was it that he had over her? She was Martha Jones! She had saved not only the world, but the man standing before her…a few times!

“Well I was but…I need to talk to you, before I go… because for all I know, when you finally do pick up that phone, I could be long gone, or lost the phone, or in another regeneration that accidentally threw this coat in the garbage, thinking it was the ugliest thing ever, and not realize that the phone is gone with it…or-

Martha put her hand over his mouth to stop the meaningless chatter that the Doctor was such an expert with. “Doctor, walking away was hard enough, so if you have something to say before you leave, please, just say it.”

The Doctor seemed to consider this before responding. “Right, uh well Martha Jones, sorry for reading your mind by the way, it wasn’t intentional, I’m still more tuned in with my psychic side, since…well anyway I’ll just start then shall I?...right, well, I, if you haven’t noticed, don’t really let people in very often, and perhaps a previous incarnation of myself may have been to proud to say this…hell I would have been to proud to admit it if it hadn’t been for the past year…” The Doctor closed his eyes for a moment, and Martha couldn’t pretend not to notice the shudder that went all the way through the Doctor’s body.

When he opened his eyes he had carefully composed himself, as he always does. “Anyway” he said, taking her hands “I feel that I owe you an apology. I did not treat you very well when you were traveling with me, and like it or not, when you are with me, you are my responsibility.”

Martha stared up at him. He wasn’t even hiding his remorse, the sadness or regret. They scarred his eyes, the only part of him that looked his age. “Don’t say that Doctor” she tried to let him off easy “ I expected you to act like a human, and…and you aren’t. You were doing the best that you could, and I know that.”

“No Martha! I wasn’t! So many things I knew and didn’t acknowledge. I may be alien but I am most certainly not stupid…I’m brilliant!” He briefly smiled, recalling what he said to Professor Yana, before the adventure became a horror. “But truly Martha, you deserved so much more. I knew how you felt, John Smith heard, but I remembered. I brushed it aside, comparing you to someone I can never have. It wasn’t fair to you.”

The Doctor at this moment took his hands away from Martha’s and held her by the shoulders, bent down so he was face to face with her, before he continued. “But listen to me Martha, you don’t have to give me a phone and promise me a call that will never come, so you can avoid hurting me okay?...Here” he sifted through his pocket, and found the phone. Taking a step back, he held it out to her, waiting for her to snatch it back, and run out of his life forever, after all, as he’d seen not too long ago, forever isn’t as long as one might initially think.

Martha stared at the man before her, in utter shock. She took it out of his hands and stood, holding it in front of her. The Doctor’s face fell, and it was then that Martha noticed the tears in his eyes.

“Right! Well than Martha Jones, Open Road eh? I’d better…be…going” He turned and walked into the TARDIS, so alone. How could he act the way he had to her? It wasn’t her fault he was in love with someone else, wasn’t her fault he had no family. It wasn’t her fault he once again was the last of the time lords. Could he not have realized sooner how much he truly and desperately needed her? He didn’t love her the way she wanted him to he knew, but he liked to think that she was a good friend, or had been. He slumped down onto the jump seat and started poking buttons and turning dials… walking around the console, his had been poised over the hand break when he heard shouting from outside the TARDIS. A scrape of a key in the lock and in came Martha Jones once more.

“Oy! Can you let a girl respond? It’s not like you’re on a time limit or anything!” She walked up to the now thoroughly confused time lord and held out her hand. The Doctor looked down, only to once again see the phone being offered to him again.

“Doctor, don’t you see, I could never regret coming with you. You showed me time, space, life, death, and everything in between. I love you, and I loved traveling with you. We both got it a bit wrong and our latest adventure was a little too close to home, but don’t ever think I would promise you something and not mean it. Besides,” she said jokingly punching his arm, “you need someone to keep you in line every now and then”

He laughed, but still confused asked her “Then why take the phone back?”

“Well if you weren’t in such a rush to run away I could have explained to you some of the very advanced technology that these cell phones have nowadays” Martha was clearly having fun with him now. “There’s this amazing thing called phone book, where you can add phone numbers and everything!” She grabbed his hand, and slapped the phone into it, and closed his fingers around it. “I programmed mum’s flat number into it, and until I get another flat, if you ever want to chat, ‘cuz I know how lonely you are, phone me up yeah? Don’t visit, don’t call unless you really need to…but…call, okay?” She looked into her friend’s eyes and saw that they had regained a sense of warmth that had disappeared minutes before.
“Martha Jones, are you sure you can’t read minds as well?” The Doctor joked, wiping a tear from his eye.

“Nah, call it bedside manner, need to know to it to be a Doctor you know.” Even as the joke left Martha’s lips, she knew there were tears in her eyes as well.

They stood in the dimmed room of the TARDIS for a few minutes before Martha looked at the screen on the console. “Where are you headed next ?”

“Oh, I just thought I’d move the dials and see where my friend here takes me” he smiled as he patted a pillar of the TARDIS. “She’ll miss you, you know…the TARDIS I mean. The TARDIS will miss you.” He wasn’t looking at her anymore, couldn’t look.

Martha slowly walked over to face him. She lifted a hand to his cheek, and lifted his chin so he was looking at her. Staring straight into his eyes, those eyes that had seen so much loss, and so much wonder. She whispered, “I will miss you too Doctor”. He turned to her and enveloped her in a hug, savoring the last one he would have with her for a while, maybe the last one he’d have with anyone for a while. Martha leaned her head on his shoulder and gripped him tightly, hoping that he understood.

When they stepped away from each other, a huge barrier had been lifted between the two of them. Martha was the first to speak. “So Doctor, lose that phone, and you’re in big trouble! It won’t be as long as you think!”

Smiling the Doctor answered her “Just please do one thing for me Martha?” Martha tensed…”What, Doctor?”. The Doctor, barely being able to contain his smile replied, “Please find a flat soon, I’m afraid of calling and having your mother answer the phone. Like I said before, mothers don’t like me, and I’m afraid of somehow getting a telephone smack!”

Martha stared at him in awe, he stared back…they burst into laughter! “You better hope I don’t tell my mum you said that!” sobering, Martha walked to the door, turned and looked once more around the TARDIS, from the grated flooring, to the yellow/blue lighting, the pillars, the console, and finally the man who had changed her life. Smiling she waved “I’ll see you soon mister!” and walked out, ready to face the world she had saved.

The Doctor sighed, and once again walked over to the hand break. This time without a pause, or a hope that she was coming right back in, he flipped it. He didn’t know how to feel, he just needed to think, to process all that had happened, since Rose, Donna, Martha, The Master, and himself. Maybe the random coordinates would produce wonderful results, a nice quiet spot to ponder. Suddenly the TARDIS shook, the Doctor was thrown to the floor as debris scattered everywhere. He crawled over to the ring lying in front of him. Reading it, he realized why those coordinates had come to mind so quickly. He had been here before, and it most certainly had no been relaxing. He looked up at the ship that had impossibly crashed through his beautiful TARDIS’s walls. The Titanic!! WHAT!? Well, at least if he was alone, he wouldn’t be bored!