Who Was She?

by converse_universe [Reviews - 8]

  • All Ages
  • None
  • Angst, Character, Study, Drama


It is strong in the air; the pungent scent

The unmoving darkness beneath.

As the dust settles slowly, time creeps in;

Consumes all that is left.

As she withers away, I stare

And wonder who she was.

Beautiful at one time in her life,

Her rosy cheeks now ashen, her sparkling

Brown eyes, blank and emotionless.

I like to think that her lips once curved

Into a smile, instead of

The flat, terse line they form now.

I cannot bear to see the poor girl like this,

So utterly naked, and yet

I find that I cannot look away.

She is familiar, but

I do not know her.

Not any more.

Who was she?

I lean in closer to her

Inappropriately near her face.

Searching it with my eyes

I slowly begin to see her, the real her,

Lonely, afraid,

Weak and lost,


It is now that I recognize the girl. My fist

Smashes into the glass and our

Eyes connect, just before the girl shatters,

Leaving me staring at a wall.

I died and didn't even know it…

This girl,

That sad pathetic girl.

That girl is me?