Midnight Sky

by converse_universe [Reviews - 7]

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  • Poetry

Author's Notes:
This is my very first ever fanfic/poem about anything, so please be kind! i just wanted to write about this because their relationship really strikes me.

I stare into a midnight sky, your face a shining star,
Sighs have become my language, how did we drift so far?
I cannot hear your voice, or see your glittering smile
I truly meant forever, we were only given a while.

We ran together hand in hand, towards what we did not know
I wonder if you’d seen the signs, if you would have made me slow
Danger chased behind us, the threat, our kind of fun
I never saw it coming, a horror we couldn’t outrun

I remember laughing, it was just another game
Then the sparks began to fly “hold on” I heard you say
I wish your hand had been holding mine, instead of that cold black bar
You would have fought as hard as I, to hold on to who we were

I heard your scream of agony, slash across my own
For a moment I could see, and I knew then you were all alone.
I was staring at a wall, separating me from your beautiful face
What did we ever do, to deserve such a fall from grace?

I found myself on a beach, and finally you were there!
You shattered my already splintering heart, these were our last few moments to share
We talked about life, and about moving on,
how you would be alone, now that I am gone

We wasted those last minutes with unnecessary talk
Never heeded the warnings of the quickly ticking clock
I cannot even touch you, your hand intertwined with mine
I wish I’d paid attention, known it when it had been our last time.

Those three unspoken words, are what we always knew
It was present everywhere, and in everything we’d do
I told you how I felt, catching your eyes in a fleeting glance
I held my breath when you tried to respond, but you never got the chance

I have not forgotten you, I have given you my forever
And even though you cannot see me, we will stand alone together
So as I stare out my window, into a midnight sky
I wonder if you are thinking too, of chances that passed you by