Where The Waters Are.

by ladymako71 [Reviews - 3]

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Author's Notes:
: That two-minute drill fic prompt thingy floating around had one that I couldn’t resist. “The Water Weavers” was one of persiflage_1’s prompts, and I happen to be a water obsessed maniac…go fig.

They’d said their farewells to Tim, and Farringham, and 1913 and were now drifting through the vortex. Martha slouched in the jump seat and watched as the Doctor did his dance around the console. She cocked an eyebrow at him when he abruptly stopped and turned to face her, his expression brooding.

“Thank you isn’t enough.”


“You spent all that time looking after me, enduring…quite honestly more than I have any right to ask of you.” The Doctor sighed. “I want to show you how much it meant to me.”
Martha bit the inside of her lip to keep from smirking. He was stammering and at a loss for words. “I know of a place that no human has ever seen…or will ever see for that matter.”


“It’s a bastard to get too, so no one ever bothered.” The Doctor said. “At least it’s a bastard to get too for a conventional ship.” Martha matched the grin that was blooming on his face. “The TARDIS is anything but conventional.” Martha nodded her agreement at that.

“What’s it called?” Martha asked.

“It doesn’t have a name. No human ever saw it first hand to bother giving it one. Wanna take a look?”

“Sure.” Martha said.

The Doctor gestured to her outfit. “You might want to take some of that off then. Actually most of it off.” He added as an afterthought.

“That’s a bit forward.” Martha said, her eyebrows reaching her hairline.

“I was thinking practical.” He grinned. “With the humidity, it averages about forty-five centigrade.”

Martha shuddered at the thought. “Forty-five C is your idea of a ‘thank you’?”

The Doctor waggled his eyebrows at her and ran his tongue along his upper teeth. “The sights will definitely make up for the temperatures, trust me!”

Martha wasn’t so sure and folded her arms across her chest. The Doctor accepted her unvoiced challenge and sauntered over to the jump seat. Placing a hand on either side of her hips, he leaned forward so that his face was mere inches from hers. “What I’m going to show you defies all logic, rational, accepted theory and any other law of nature you can think of.” He purred. Martha felt her heart begin to race at his seductive tone. “Now go change, and think swimming.” He told her, placing a kiss on her forehead.

Martha slid out of the jump seat and wandered towards her room. This called for the tiny red string bikini and a short wrap skirt, she thought. She had a black and red one that she fished out of a drawer along with the bikini. She quickly changed and went to her wardrobe for a pair of sandals.

She was expecting the Doctor to still be in his suit, since temperatures never seemed to faze him so she was quite surprised to find him in a pair of blue swimming trunks, a tee, and sandals. She couldn’t resist and wolf-whistled at the sight of him so casually dressed. He glanced up and smirked at her before returning his attentions to the console.

The TARDIS landed with a small shudder. Martha yelped in surprise as he grabbed her hand and ran down the ramp to the door. The Doctor paused and looked at her, his eyes flashing with raw elation. “You are about to be the only human that I know of…and that’s saying something…to see what you are about to see!”

Martha was bouncing in anticipation as the Doctor flung the door open with grand flourish. Martha stepped out into a world of colour and wonder. Her eyes were drawn up along towering trees that reminded her of coconut palms; only they were the softest shade of violet instead of green. Above the trees, Martha could make out three suns. The Doctor smiled warmly at the look of pure joy on her face as she took in her surroundings.

“It gets better.” He grinned. “This is nothing. I promised you magic.” Martha watched as his tongue ran along his teeth. He took her hand in his and walked into the trees towards the sounds of water. Martha saw a waterfall ahead and felt her heart speed up a little in anticipation at what could be. Upon getting closer, she saw a myriad of dancing lights, like fireflies of every colour she could ever think of. The word that came to mind when she finally got a decent look at one of the flitting lights was sprite.

She stared in awe at the little sprites dancing in the spray from the waterfall. He had promised her something magical and had delivered. An unnamed world where the highest form of life were little glowing specks of light no bigger then hummingbirds. They would catch the spray from the falling water and through a bizarre chemical reaction, solidify it to build their nests. She looked up the cliff face as the sprites flew up and down it and felt tears in her eyes at the sheer beauty of thousands of spray nests, sparkling in the sunlight.

The spray nests looked like gems sticking out of the cliff face. She reached forward slowly with her hand to touch one. A pair of pale green sprites flitted about her hand and she paused. “They’re only curious, they won’t hurt you…or you them for that matter.” The Doctor told her. Martha turned to look at him. “They’re mildly telepathic.” He winked, tapping his temple.

Martha turned back to the cliff face and the curious pair of sprites. Her fingertips brushed the spray nest and she pulled back in surprise. She shook her head and reached out again, this time gently stroking it where it joined the rock. It was malleable but solid. She could feel the strength in the nest and thought of gemstones again. “Think of it like a spider’s web but woven of water.” The Doctor explained. “Delicate and soft, yet incredibly strong at the same time.”

Martha pulled her hand back from the spray nest but held it out for the sprites to inspect. It turned out that their idea of inspecting her hand was to dance around it instead, occasionally coming together for a few seconds only to pull apart again. They did so for a few minutes before returning to the waterfall to catch more spray for their nest.

The doctor in Martha started rattling off theories in her mind and she laughed. “Did they just…?” Having finally come to her senses a little from the awe around her.

“Yeah.” The Doctor grinned. “They just mated around your hand.” The two of them laughed like school children.

“That’s just…” Martha laughed. “That’s just wrong!”

“So? They shagged right there. What’s wrong with that?” The Doctor asked. “They were only perpetuating their species and your hand happened to be a convenient spot to do so!” He was laughing as he said it.

Martha stepped closer to him and shoved. Hard. The Doctor yelped as he fell back into the water with a tremendous splash. “That’s for making clinical sound so dirty!” She said between laughs when he came up sputtering.

The Doctor snorted as he hauled himself out. Martha was holding her stomach as laughter took over her, doubling her over almost. “I can make swimming sound dirty too.” He smirked, grabbing her and tossing her in. He dived in after her and soon the two were waging a full on splashing war. Several of the sprites flitted around them, collecting stray droplets of water.