Five Ways the Doctor Didn't Get Out of 18th-century France (but Could've)

by HonorH [Reviews - 31]

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1. Space Hopper [Reviews - 9] (724 words)
Just so all and sundry know, I've been having computer problems--specifically with Word--which were recently resolved. This means I now have a backlog of Plot Poodles. However, a new chapter of "Out of Joint" is on its way, and there'll be another new multi-chapter fic up soon, too. Meanwhile, I'm having a little fun and blowing off some creative energy. Enjoy!

2. Stealing from Himself [Reviews - 2] (872 words)
Second of five

3. It's a Girl Thing [Reviews - 5] (1670 words)
My PBs for Eleven and Monica Chen are Emma Thompson and Katie Leung (Cho Chang in the HP movies).

4. Hitching a Ride [Reviews - 5] (1081 words)
Crossover with The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

5. At Long Last [Reviews - 10] (1797 words)
My PB for the Doctor this time around is Peter Wingfield (Methos on Highlander).