Author's Notes:
If I feel like it (I really don't) I could possibly morph this into a longer story. (But probably not.) I know, I know, it's like nothing else I've written, it's mildly dramatic crap, and therefore, I expect flames, or no reviews at all. (Though they would be nice.) NB: After posting this story, the words, "Little red riding hood" kept following me everywhere. Creepy.

"Not afraid of the big bad wolf?" The Doctor asked mildly, gazing indifferently at Martha, who had been laughing over an alien version of Little Red Riding Hood.

"Well, no," She replied with a grin, not sensing the tension in the moment.

The Doctor's face contorted painfully for a split second before it reverted to it's standard impassivity. "You should be." He said in a cracked whisper before stalking off.