The Way We Roll

by silverotter [Reviews - 2]

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  • Slash

Author's Notes:
Just something I scribbled out in Driver's Ed after my friend made the request of a certain line. Can you guess which one? (If you can't, I'll be shocked) I fully expect flames for the OOCness of Jack. *throws on a fire proof suit*

"I said I was sorry."


"It's your fault for trying to do my laundry again."


"Really, it's not like you had any right to a monopoly on me before we met! I haven't worn those pants in ten years! It's not my fault what you find in my old clothes!"

"Oh, a liar and a whore."

Jack rolled his eyes to the ceiling and heaved a sigh. "Why must he resort to insults and unintelligible grunts every time he finds a revealing picture of another man in my pockets?" He demanded of Rose, who was watching the miniature Cold War from the door way.

Rose smirked. "That's just the way he rolls my friend."

Jack risked a half glance at the Doctor and was rewarded with a barrage of air daggers being shot his way. "Apparently." He replied, heaving another long suffering sigh. "I can't imagine rolling any other way."