Doctor X

by Gwyneth [Reviews - 3]

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  • Crossover

Author's Notes:
I've been watching a lot of X Files recently and decided to do a crossover fic!


“Special Agent Scully of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” Dana stated showing her I.D. card. The officer nodded his head and pulled up the police tape to let her pass.

“What’s happened here?” she asked as she spotted her colleague once she was inside the house.

“I was hoping you could answer that for me, Scully,” Mulder said as he stepped back and took another look at the poor girl.

Scully cast a look around the room, “looks like there was a struggle.”

Mulder nodded his head but pointed back down to the girl, “but we can’t see a single cut or bruise on her. Nor can we determine the cause of death.”

Scully paused for a moment, before she noticed something. “Hey, Mulder, take a look at this,” she beckoned him over and pointed to a screw on the floor under a ventilation shaft.

“You don’t think this could be the work of Toombs, do you?” he asked her sceptically.

“Well, who else could have fitted through here?”

“Yes, but,” Mulder motioned to the girl. “She doesn’t have her liver removed and the back door was ajar. Now that doesn’t really sound like Toombs does it?”

“No, I suppose not. Well, what suggestions do you have?”

“Maybe the autopsy will give us more?” he replied shrugging his shoulders and walking towards the door.

“Great,” Scully replied, following him. “More work for me to do!”

Mulder just laughed.

- - -

The Doctor was starting to get bored and wondered were Rose had disappeared off to an hour or so ago. He put all his books back and left the library in search of his companion.

He heard a male voice coming from Roses bedroom. Jealousy rising he ran over to her.

“So, what? Our murder weapon is a top sirloin?”

The Doctor laughed, glad that it was only the TV and stepped further into the room, “I didn’t know you were into the X-files?”

“Yeah,” said Rose pausing the DVD and getting up. “I’m working my way through all the series’ from the beginning. I’m on the second episode of the second series at the moment. Anyway, what did you want?”

“I’m getting bored all on my own,” The Doctor whined, pulling a sad face.

“Well then let’s go somewhere,” she suggested.

“Where d’ya wanna go?” The Doctor asked bounding off down the corridor towards the console room.

“Umm, I dunno. Surprise me!”

“Ok then,” the Doctor said pausing to think. “I know! You’ll LOVE this!”

Once they landed, Rose bounced out of the doors, eager to see where the Doctor had taken her. She was disappointed to see people though. She was hoping to see some amazing new alien life form.

“Where are we?” Rose pondered.

“Washington DC, just outside the Bureau.” The Doctor answered her and pointed towards the FBI building. The disappointment was clear on Roses face, so the Doctor decided to clear some things up for her.

He pulled out his psychic paper and waved it about a bit, “we have an appointment with two agents.”

She looked shocked at this, so the Doctor continued, “I believe one of them has the nickname of ‘Spooky’.”

Rose turned to face him, refusing to believe him, “No?!”

The Doctor just smiled and led her towards the building.