Shades of Ianto - Prologue

by sarcasticchick [Reviews - 6]

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  • Adult
  • Explicit Sex
  • Action/Adventure, Slash

1. White Noise (Chap 1, SoI1) [Reviews - 5] (2255 words)
Pairing: Jack/Ianto Rating: PG13-NC17 throughout. Warnings: This is an AU based on canon. A/N: 1) I do not own these characters nor am I intending to use them for money (unless I'm being bribed, see #4).
2) SoI is based on some far-ranging theories and backstory that I am aware will most likely be jossed. But until 2008 or I hear from the man himself, anything is possible. See note 6.
3) This series will cover pre-S1 as well as all episodes in S1. Initial 4-5 chapters will be preS1.
4) Series will be updated weekly on Sunday. Bribes of chocolate, alcohol, money, or my own personal pocket-sized Ianto will be accepted, however, those will not hasten the delivery dates. In fact, my own personal pocket-sized Ianto could distract me. So if you're going to bribe, please stick to chocolate, alcohol or money.
5) The Secretary of State for Research and Resource Acquisition does not exist. However, neither does Torchwood. Both make an appearance in my story.
6) No spoilers for DW3 or TW2.

2. Touch of Grey (Chap 2, SoI 2) [Reviews - 0] (1338 words)

3. Foreign Compounds Brown and Green (Chap 3, SoI 3) [Reviews - 0] (2962 words)

4. Walls of Navy Blue (Chap 4, Part 1, SoI 4) [Reviews - 0] (2183 words)
Chapter 4, Part 1 - 'safe'

Chapter 4, Part 2 - sectioned off due to ... muddled consent NC17. If you hate anything remotely muddled consent-wise, just quit reading after Part 1 ends, Chapter 5 will highlight what you missed if you choose not to read. (but it's really not that bad! Honest!) Oh yeah, and there's mentions of het.

5. Walls of Navy Blue (Chap 4, Part 2, SoI 4) [Reviews - 0] (3057 words)
Again, muddled consent in this part. If it's not your cup of tea, just go to Chapter 5 where events will be highlighted, but not detailed so you'll know what's going on.

6. Pale Blue Rings (Chap 5, SoI 5) [Reviews - 0] (6993 words)

7. Dark Chocolate Icing (Chap 6, SoI 6) [Reviews - 0] (6609 words)

8. Green Shirts, Green Tequila (Chap 7, SoI 7) [Reviews - 1] (8768 words)
The Prologue is complete! S1 starts next.