A Trio of Drabbles

by Kalleah [Reviews - 6]

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1. The Sixth Moon of Tralaxia [Reviews - 1] (100 words)
Written for Karenor, who requested "a fluffy missing scene. Either from the show or one of your serieses." This drabble references the sixth moon of Tralaxia, which the Doctor and Rose discussed as their next stop after leaving the monastery at the end of The Calm Before The Storm.

2. Margarita Salt [Reviews - 0] (100 words)
Written for Lillilynn, who requested something with "10's oral fixation, and something vaguely intoxicating with a humorous possibly embarrassing outcome." Here you go, dear. This was fun.

This references an incident discussed in chapter six of The Hidden Well, in which the Doctor doesn't tell Rose that the sweet she's enjoying is actually caramelized, fermented insect larvae. (Eww.)

3. The Doctor's Vanity [Reviews - 5] (100 words)
Written for queenrikki_hp, who wanted who requested domesticity and hair ruffling. No spoilers at all for this one, although I did use one particular photo for inspiration.